Sponsored Podcasts

Sponsored Podcasts

Sound off on your unique expertise and industry authority!


The Sponsored Podcast Includes


eLearning Industry’s subject matter expert will interview your thought leader and publish and promote a professional, branded podcast.


Opportunities to promote specific landing pages or programs are available.


The eLI team will promote your podcast to the biggest global eLearning community by taking benefit of various channels, including social media, email blasts and on-site promo activities.


eLi podcasts are available to everyone and are best for widespread brand awareness.

Podcast Preparation

A dedicated team of experts will help you prepare your podcast and ensure the success of your campaign.

Expected Performance

The number of podcast downloads is highly dependent on several factors. Our digital marketing team is happy to help you select an effective podcast strategy based on your unique marketing needs.


Complete our Podcast Insight Form so that we can create questions for the interview.


We provide you with 5-10 questions that will be covered in the podcast 2-3 weeks before the recording session.


We host a podcast recording session with your thought leader, which includes a brief coaching session.


We publish the podcast landing page approximately 2-3 weeks after the recording session and promote it to the biggest global eLearning community.


Book your Sponsored Podcast today and communicate your brand message to a broader audience.

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