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  • Reach out to +20,000 potential customers via email—people check their inbox every day on a variety of devices.
  • Build trust with a new audience by delivering relevant and informative content.
  • Make your brand recognition stand out in the eLearning niche, and boost sales.
  • Spread the word about exclusive offers, events, demos/free trials to increase conversions.
  • Benefit from our social media and on-site promotion of your articles and maximize exposure.


  • Create your email template in HTML.
  • Hand over your email elements, i.e. your creatives, copy and CTA - no later than eight (8) business days prior to your selected launch date.
  • We make all the necessary qualification tests to ensure deliverability and success - no later than five (5) business days prior to your selected launch date.
  • Except for the actual email blast, we will promote your email to our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter - on the selected launch date.
  • Seven (7) business days after the email goes live, we will provide you with a detailed campaign performance report.


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