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We will arm you with the research you need and guide you on how to author, publish and promote a series of 8 premium, search-optimized articles on eLearning Industry, for increased brand awareness & highly targeted traffic to your site. Read more »


  • Get a complete Editorial Calendar that will target your Ideal Customers.
  • Get an in-depth SEO and Content Marketing Analysis, that can help you exceed the competition in business.
  • Build brand awareness in the eLearning niche by delivering value-added information.
  • Receive highly targeted traffic (no-follow links) to your product and sales pages of your website.
  • Our Editorial and Marketing teams will optimize your content and then distribute it through our social media channels and our newsletters.


  • We run a “business discovery” call to learn more about your plans.
  • Then, our experts research and identify the most valuable topic for your content marketing strategy.
  • We share and conclude on the final version of the Editorial Calendar, during a second call.
  • You then develop the content agreed (8 articles) in the Editorial Calendar.
  • We publish and aggressively promote your content, through eLearning industry’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and weekly newsletter, and start acquiring the right traffic for you.
  • Get traffic to the most valuable landing pages of your website. Each article will include at least 3 no-follow UTM links to your website (one link every 350 words).


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