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  • Create a unique eBook with the guidance of our team of experts.
  • Get out of the content chaos, and discover what your audience cares to read about.
  • Generate new leads every time an eLearning professional downloads your eBook.
  • Build thought leadership by tailoring the content to your audience’s specific needs.
  • Access full lead details anytime, during your eBook campaign, and get targeted user info that includes: first name, last name, business email, job title, company name, company country.

What should you expect

  • eBook downloads (6-month period): 350 - 540
    *This is highly dependant on the number of fields you choose to include in the registration form of your eBook. Fewer form fields tend to increase download rates.


  • Book a 1-hour 'discovery call' with our Client Success Manager in order to help us understand your business needs & objectives.
  • Get a custom SEO and Content Marketing Analysis, created by our experts, that will help you achieve your business objectives. (Expected time: 15 business days)
  • Get a complete eBook outline, including eight (8) SEO-optimized chapter titles, based on the most valuable topic and keywords. (Expected time: 2 business days)
  • Create the content of the chapters, based on the given editorial calendar. We expect from you to write the specific chapters within the next 6 weeks.
  • Develop the eBook (a PDF file) according to the suggested outline.
  • Chapters of your eBook will be published as independent articles on eLearning Industry including links that point back to your eBook.
  • We will host your eBook on a specific landing page to help it to collect leads.
  • Our Digital Marketing team will start a complete promotional campaign through our social media channels, newsletters and thank-you pages among others.
  • You can access your leads’ data anytime, as long as your premium eBook campaign on eLearning Industry is active.

In order to be able to get complete lead information, both parties (your company and eLearning Industry) have to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Your campaign will start counting directly after we create the eBook’s landing page on eLearning Industry, the duration of which is 6 months. After the 6-month period has come to an end, your subscription will be renewed automatically for 6 more months at the cost of $1200, unless you have already canceled your subscription.


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