Premium Webinar

Premium Webinar

Take advantage of our discounts by purchasing multiple premium webinars.

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$9,000 each
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$8,448 each
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$7,921 each
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$7,384 each

The Premium Webinar Includes

Get our Webinar Performance Stats

A perfect, cost-effective way to reach prospects in relation to physical events.

Ideal for those who don't have prior experience or for those who are looking for a great deal on their cost per lead.

Live co-branded webinar, produced by us.


Reach a new audience and increase lead collection before and after the event.

Qualify the webinar registrants during the live event by using our interactive tools, such as polls, Q&As, and live chat.

Gain access to both our web events coach and our facilitator for rehearsals before the main event.

Master webinar best practices, create webinars that convert, and enjoy technical support.

Evergreen lead generation.

Qualify to be considered for our Top Lists.


Full technical infrastructure for hosting the live event promoted by us.


Webinar hosting on a dedicated landing page within our library.

A multi-touch promo campaign that may include several social media mentions on eLI’s social media channels, email blasts, and popup banner ads.

Leads Access And Insights

Full registrant profiles, including name, business email, job title, company name, and company country.

24/7 access to the lead information for 6 months after the eBook publication.

In order to be able to get complete lead information, both parties (your company and eLearning Industry) have to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Within 24 hours after the live event, we will provide you with the complete contact list of attendees and registrants' information, including some attendee metrics, poll data, chat transcript, and feedback results.

Webinar Preparation

We provide a professional web events coach for your presenter (5 sessions), who will also facilitate the webinar and provide technical support to audiences if necessary.

Profiling questions created beforehand to further qualify attendees.

How Many Leads To Expect
This is highly dependent on the topic you select as well as the number of fields you choose to include in the webinar registration form.

Fewer form fields tend to increase conversion rates.

200–350 registrations.

Campaign Length

Your campaign will start counting directly after the webinar landing page publication; it’s valid for 6 months.

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How It Works


Fill in the webinar storyboard (within 5 business days), include the title of the webinar, its description, the presenter’s bio, the lead information you would like to retrieve from the webinar registration form, and other relevant information.


We will set up a specific landing page for your webinar on eLearning Industry.


We will provide you with a dedicated web events coach who will coach your speaker (up to 5 prep sessions).


We will host the live event and provide the technical infrastructure needed to ensure its success.


Within 24 hours after the live event takes place, we will provide you with the complete contact list of attendees and registrants' information, including some attendee metrics, poll data, chat transcript, and feedback results.


Within 24 hours after the live event takes place, your webinar will be available for users to register and watch on demand.


You can access your leads’ data anytime as long as your Premium Webinar campaign on eLearning Industry is active.

What professionals, like you, are saying about us:

‘’Webinars have quickly placed us in the market as experts in specific niche solutions.‘’

Asha Pandey
Founder and Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design
What professionals, like you, are saying about us:

‘’Our webinars on eLI are the perfect, real time, face to face way to collect leads and really connect with our existing and potential new clients!‘’

Arturo Schwartzberg
Co-founder and Chairman at SweetRush
What professionals, like you, are saying about us:

‘’We’ve been organizing webinars with eLI to attract new people. Attendees are actively interested in the subject matter. That automatically makes them a high-value lead.‘’

Jerry Zandstra
Chief Strategy Officer at Inno-Versity
What professionals, like you, are saying about us:

‘’Webinars on eLI have helped us state the value of our brand by showcasing examples of our successful projects. Not only have we managed to get fresh leads, but we’ve also used Q&As to understand prospects’ pain points.‘’

RK Prasad
CEO & Co-Founder of CommLab India
What professionals, like you, are saying about us:

‘’Webinars offer a high level of involvement from the audience. It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase our knowledge!‘’

Dan Keckan
CEO of Cinécraft Productions


How does a premium webinar work?

To get started, you need to purchase a Premium Webinar. To complete your purchase, please follow the guidelines provided after pressing the “Get Started” button on the Premium Webinars product page. Afterwards, you can start creating your own webinar landing page. You will be able to fill in all the fields regarding your webinar’s landing page by following the guidelines provided in the form. Before submitting the form, don’t forget to preview your landing page! After your submission, eLearning Industry’s team will check your form and publish your webinar as long as it is relevant to the eLearning niche. Keep in mind that we might contact you in case something is missing or needs to change.

What kind of documents should I include in the webinar form and which are the recommended properties?

You definitely need to include your presenter's photo (headshot) in high resolution (at least 1000x1000 pixels). Furthermore, we can design the final web banners. However, if you want to communicate your brand ideas more extensively, you are welcome to include your own artwork for the registration page banner in the form (image size at least 1920x1080). Please note that if your creatives are not appropriate or relevant to the eLearning niche, eLearning Industry has the right to reject the artwork.

What happens after submitting my webinar form?

The eLearning Industry will preview your form and edit it (if required)for marketing optimization purposes. After everything is ready, we will publish and promote your event.

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