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  • Uploading your webinar recording is just one click away.
  • Reach new audiences by using existing webinar recordings.
  • Continuously generate new leads without lifting a finger.
  • Access analytics to track views and get lead contact information.


  • Fill out a webinar intake form to provide us with a description of your webinar at least eight (8) business days prior to the selected publishing date.
  • We will set up the landing page of your webinar on eLearning Industry.
  • We will promote your webinar to eLI’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook), its home page, and its weekly newsletters.
  • You will have 24/7 access to the leads that have registered for your webinar for 6 months, starting from the selected publication date.

Important Note: Please note that you must fill out the Webinar Intake Form eight (8) business days prior to the selected date in order to have it published on your chosen date!

In order to be able to get complete lead information, both parties (your company and eLearning Industry) have to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Your campaign will start counting directly after we create the webinar’s landing page on eLearning Industry and it’s valid for 6 months. Since the 6-month period is passed your subscription will be automatically updated for 6 more months for the cost of $1200, except you have already canceled your subscription.


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