4 Amazing AI Tools For High-Impact Microlearning Design And Development

4 Amazing AI Tools For High-Impact Microlearning Design And Development
Summary: The amalgamation of AI and microlearning can shape a future of unparalleled possibilities and boost your training ROI like never before. Read the article to explore 4 popular AI tools that can make microlearning design and development a cakewalk.

4 AI Tools That Make Microlearning Design Easy

Technology and innovation are the base for organizations to thrive in this competitive era. With ever-evolving advancements in the dynamic business landscape, it's crucial for organizations to cultivate a culture of learning to keep up with the constant changes. Digital learning is revolutionizing the corporate training landscape, and modern learners prefer learning to be quick and easy. Also, the advent of generative AI is taking the L&D industry by storm. Amalgamating the powerful duo, microlearning and AI, is certainly the best bet to meet the learning needs of your digital learners.

Read on to unveil the impact of AI in microlearning.

AI And Microlearning: The Buzzing Trend In The Corporate Training Arena

In today's world, short and snappy is the new cool. With busy schedules and constant pressure to meet stringent project deadlines, it is difficult for employees to make time for lengthy training sessions, be it classroom training or eLearning. Microlearning is the oasis in the desert; with its bite-sized learning nuggets, it has paved its way into the modern corporate training landscape and is becoming a hot favorite of learners as well as L&D gurus. The best part is the flexibility and accessibility that it offers. Your learners can listen to a podcast or watch a short video during the coffee break or while commuting.

Benefits of microlearning

AI, on the other hand, is gradually becoming omnipresent. Look around, and you have it there. AI is revolutionizing the world, and its impact on the L&D industry cannot be overlooked. To keep up with the pulse of the evolving corporate L&D landscape, it is crucial to embrace AI. Twinning the two, AI and microlearning can shape a future of unparalleled possibilities and boost your training ROI like never before.

Excited? Well, let's explore a few AI tools that can breathe magic into your microlearning assets and elevate learning experiences like never before.

4 Popular AI Tools To Transform Your Microlearning Design And Development

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT needs no introduction. This AI sensation is a magical remedy for your constant pain point of generating fresh content that's relevant to your business needs. "Content is king but engagement is queen," says Mary Smith. The statement goes well with the synchrony of ChatGPT and microlearning. Microlearning offers learning in a variety of formats that drive learner engagement, and ChatGPT can help you with awesome content. ChatGPT evaluates inputs in dialogue format and offers the ease of a real conversation. You can ask whatever is on your mind, and the intelligent bot helps you with its prompts and generates fresh, unique, and smart content in the desired format—be it a video, infographic, or eBook.

Key benefits of ChatGPT

2. Canva

Canva is a platform that can help you design a variety of graphics for your business—you name it and you have it. This user-friendly tool offers templates for every business need you might have, right from catchy images for your social media posts to website banners and marketing brochures. Not only can Canva help you with designing microlearning assets; you get access to thousands of professional templates and images that can help you design top-class microlearning assets like infographics and carousels. You can also design short, animated videos with apt background music and vibrant digital flashcards with crisp learning bites for just-in-time learning.

Canva for Teams is a boon for your microlearning design and development team, as it allows them to collaborate and brainstorm on whiteboards, get approvals, and scale content with ease. The built-in comments feature facilitates communication and enables suggestions in real time. Your team can organize and store the assets developed in team folders and use them when needed.

3. Vyond Go

Videos are an all-time hit, equally among kids, youth, and the elderly. The motion visuals capture attention, sustain interest, and boost retention for a longer time. No wonder microlearning videos are a buzzing trend in the corporate L&D sphere.

Vyond Go is an AI-powered video creation tool that creates captivating videos in a jiffy. With Vyond Go, there's no limit to what you can create, as you can choose from different locations, formats, and themes. The best part is your design and development team doesn't have to work on storyboards for the video content. All you have to do is input a prompt and click on the "Generate Video" button. The tool saves you time and effort and is especially handy when the topic is new and you just don't know where to begin. Using Vyond Go, you can edit your videos (on-screen text as well as the script for text-to-speech) to align them with your brand and desired use cases. Vyond Studio enables you to fine-tune your videos as well and deliver top-notch videos that your learners would fall in love with.

4. Synthesia

Do you have a globally dispersed mixed-culture workforce? Are you planning to create microlearning videos for your multilanguage audience? Synthesia is here to your rescue. Using Synthesia, you can create high-quality, professional videos with AI avatars. This multilingual support feature breaks linguistic barriers and allows you to cater to your learners, irrespective of their native language. With Synthesia, turning text into high-quality voiceovers is just a click away. You can get voiceovers in 120 different languages. Closed captions are automatically included, allowing learners to understand the concept better. You also get access to over 55 templates and 140 AI avatars to create videos that are more inclusive and diverse. The tool also allows easy updates with just a click. You can collaborate with your team, brainstorm, share a prototype, and finalize the asset in real time.

It's A Wrap!

Old is not always gold. Some changes happen for good. AI is a sensational advancement in the field of technology and is taking the world by storm. Microlearning is one of the most popular learning formats in the L&D fraternity. Twin them up and watch the magic unfold. Create microlearning assets like never before using the power of AI tools and offer an immersive learning experience to your learners, scale your training ROI, and boost employee productivity and performance.

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