An Insiders Peek Behind Online Learning & Education - Book Review

An Insiders Peek Behind Online Learning & Education

Rich Shadrin, a pro with over 40 years experience in learning, from public school teaching to the executive suite and consultant at global companies, has done just that. While the author does provide material about the how’s and why’s of learning development, he doesn’t shy away from sharing his experiences inside organizations that can’t seem to manage consultants to success, or products that, in his view, hardly encourage excellence in designing for superior performance. This breezy eBook is a compilation of his most published and republished blog articles, many translated into other languages and reproduced worldwide. He’s also waxed on about knowledge management, education and teaching and holds some practices up for severe scrutiny.

His writing is not without sharp wit, and he is free to let it all hang out at the risk of opening himself to criticism.But as a profession, for learning design to grow into a more respected craft, even as the tools are being ‘dumbed down’ and budgets are permitting ‘good enough’ to replace excellence as a standard in the field, there can’t be any harm in taking on the profession. While offering some great suggestions about how to do it better, or at least different in a quest for great learning to yield performances that blacken the dotted line, the author explores the events that have shaped his practice…and just might refresh yours. 

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