5 Ways A Better Authoring Tool Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Ways A Better Authoring Tool Will Make Your Life Easier
Summary: Investing in up-to-date, cloud-based authoring software means you’ll see vast improvements in the following 5 areas.

How A Better Authoring Tool Will Make Your Life Easier

Your authoring tool should help you be more successful, not hinder your progress. Frustratingly, outdated or inadequate solutions can prove time-consuming and frustrating. Here is how a more advanced authoring toll will make your life much easier.

1. Your Assets Will Be Simpler To Manage

Is your current asset management process non-existent or an absolute nightmare? If you shudder at the thought of a legislation to change, that means that your team will have to go into every one of your compliance courses and update them all manually... it’s worth re-evaluating your tools.

A cloud-based authoring tool that comes with built-in asset management capabilities, enabling you to edit core content that appears in multiple places in one go will save you a ton of time and ensure you’re able to keep your content up to date.

2. Refreshing, Translating, And White-Labeling Will Be Quicker

Does refreshing, translating, and white-labeling currently take you forever?

Imagine this: You want to localize a series of eLearning courses for 10+ different countries. The problem is that you have to work through every course refreshing, translating and branding all of the content manually...

To get around this task, use an authoring tool that will enable you to translate content into different languages and update multiple pieces of content in one go, perhaps even allowing you to apply a style to a series of content to rebrand in just one click. This will save you valuable time, not to mention your sanity!

3. Collaboration Will Be Gratefully Received

At the moment, is collaboration more of a hindrance than a help? Perhaps this is because only one member of your team can work on a project at a time and to make matters even worse, files are stored on individual desktops, which means version control is an impossibility.

The ideal scenario for decreased production time and increased consistency is to be able to work collaboratively, in-app. Again, you need to look to the cloud-based so that team members can work simultaneously on the same project. This also means that you will always be working on the most up-to-date version.

4. Review Processes Will No Longer Hold Up Launches

Do the legal box-ticking, expert consultancies on subject matter, collection of feedback and QA checks that you have to do take a lot of unnecessary time? Does it sometimes mean your launch dates have to be pushed back?

Giving your brand team, clients, lawyers and Subject Matter Experts the ability to add and review comments straight into your authoring tool means that these processes will be dramatically sped up. Collating all feedback in one dashboard will also mean that it’ll be quicker for you to implement changes.

5. Changes To Live Content Will Take Minutes, Not Weeks

If your authoring tool doesn’t make it easy for you to adjust live content, you’re putting a lot of pressure on the launch of your elearning. What happens if you receive some very valid negative feedback after you’ve launched? Do you have to upload the new version to your Learning Management System all over again?

Having the ability to make changes without the need for re-uploading and using new files and links should be a non-negotiable in any authoring tool. It will save you an incredible amount of time.

Using a solution that provides you with analytics and data about what’s working and what could be improved in your content is also incredibly helpful. This will enable you to make continual refinements to improve your completion rate and the experience of your learners.


Although changing authoring tools might feel like a bit of an ordeal, you’ll thank yourself in the long-run when you start to see all of these improvements stack up.

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