A Blended Training Mix Is The Answer To Good Boss Vs. Bad Boss

A Blended Training Mix Is The Answer To Good Boss Vs. Bad Boss
Summary: Bad bosses cost US companies around US$360 billion each year in health costs. But, what can be done to help these managers become better bosses? In this article, I will explain why a blended training mix is the solution to help support modern managers.

Why A Blended Training Mix Is The Answer   

No one would dispute that strong leadership drives successful business – so in the crusade for modern management, why is Bad Boss winning over Good Boss?

In their article 8 Unsettling Facts about Bad Bosses, OfficeVibe revealed:

  • 3 out of 4 workers say their boss is the worst part of their job.
  • 65% say they’d take a new boss over a pay raise.
  • Bad bosses cost US companies around US$360 billion each year in health costs.

Changing Management Needs  

It’s not surprising that managers may be struggling. They don’t just hire and fire – good bosses today do everything from inspiring and coaching to retaining great people, often in global teams. But bosses are not keeping pace with change, and there is a “critical talent problem” (Deloitte 2015).

In their 2016 report Leadership Awakened, Deloitte says the leadership challenge is becoming more urgent: 89% of companies see leadership as important, but 28% reported weak leadership pipelines.

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Is Traditional Training Letting Us Down?

To create the talent pool needed to compete globally, businesses need to invest in innovation in professional development. Yet in recent research on energizing leaders through technology, Towards Maturity found there is a huge gap between the skills managers need and what they are being offered.

Choosing A Blended Training Mix blended training

To support modern managers, you need to break down the barriers to learning innovation. And with most leaders using their mobile devices for learning –sometimes outside office hours– the solution must be multi-device. With your audience’s needs clearly in mind, you should provide a blend of workplace digital support tools along with face-to-face learning that reinforces new skills and longer-term development.

To smarten up your digital offerings, you could investigate how to take social learning and networking to leaders and managers using online tools, polls, and forums.

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Final Thoughts 

If you’d like to stay ahead of the game and deliver cutting-edge, digital, multi-device learning that meets the needs of modern managers and leaders, consider an authoring tool like Elucidat.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care was able to double the amount of multi-device digital learning they delivered when they switched to Elucidat, and they saw online learning increase seven-fold in their organization. It could help you keep pace with changing management needs.