Boost Your eLearning Course Sales: 5 Tips To Choose An eCommerce Platform

Boost Your eLearning Course Sales: 5 Tips To Choose An eCommerce Platform
Summary: Choosing an eCommerce platform that meets your needs and has the potential to boost your eLearning course sales is no easy task, thanks to the sheer abundance of solutions that are available today. The good news is that this article can help you to make the decision less stressful and time consuming by highlighting the most important considerations that you'll want to keep in mind.

How To Choose An eCommerce Platform To Boost Your eLearning Course Sales

Selecting the perfect eCommerce platform for your eLearning course means that you gain the ability to provide your audience (which is in fact your customers) with a quick and convenient way to access you eLearning deliverables. Likewise, by choosing an eCommerce platform that is not suitable for your needs, could make you miss out on countless sales.

  1. Scalability.
    Choosing an eCommerce platform that meets your needs today is a top priority. After all, you want a solution that can help you to sell your eLearning course to the masses today, and thinking about the benefits it can offer you in the future usually doesn't factor into the equation. However, you need to opt for an eCommerce platform that offers ease of scalability, because you will want to account for the growth of your company. If you really want to be involved in the eLearning industry in the long term, then choosing a solution that can grow and expand with you as your services/products become more successful, is key. For instance, if you choose an eCommerce platform that only supports minimal site traffic, this can be problematic down the line, should you get an increased number of visitors in your eLearning course site, which is what you surely hope for, right?
  2. Budget.
    Without a doubt, one of the most significant considerations to bear in mind is your budget. Ultimately, most of us are looking for an eCommerce platform that can give us all of the bells and whistles at a price we can afford. Nonetheless, the reality is that sometimes we have to go for minimal features and functions if we are working with shoestring budgets. The good news is that the eCommerce platform market has become highly competitive in recent years, which means that you can often get the functionality and features you need at a lower price point. With that being said, in order to truly get the best value for your money, you should narrow down the list of features you feel are absolutely necessary, and then choose your solution based upon your requirements. Another key consideration regarding your eLearning eCommerce platform is the nature of the fees involved. While some eCommerce platforms may ask for an upfront fee or an annual fee, others may require a monthly subscription fee. Then, there are others that just charge per each transaction. For instance, they may take 10% off the total of every transaction they process.
  3. Design customization.
    Let's face it, even if you have absolutely no website or graphic design experience, you still want your eCommerce site to look just perfect. While functionality is essential, so is the aesthetic appeal of your eLearning courses sales page as it speaks volumes about your credibility and reliability. Keep in mind that this could be just enough to make potential learners sign up right then and there. If you have polished and perfected your site design and layout, potential learners get the impression that you have also a perfected and polished your eLearning deliverables. So, the key questions are: which eCommerce platform is going to give you the customization and design flexibility you need to get your site just the way you want it? Are you going to be able to update pages quickly and conveniently  to add in new eLearning courses? Will you have to enlist the aid of a website designer every time you want to make changes to your site?
  4. Support.
    Even the most experienced eLearning professionals need help from time to time, especially when it comes to their eCommerce sites. As such, when choosing the ideal eCommerce platform for you, you'll want to think about the level of support that is being offered. Do they offer phone and email support? Will you be able to reach them via live chat? Will they be available round the clock, or are you only going to be able to get help through an online FAQ and forum?
  5. Customer experience.
    This may be the last consideration on the list, but it may very well be the most important. When your customers visit your eCommerse site, they need to navigate it with ease, and to be able to purchase the eLearning course they need or to pay for enrollment costs without having to worry about overloaded servers or page time outs. They must have the ability to go through the process without an ounce of stress or frustration, or else they are likely to take their dollars elsewhere.
    For this very reason, you need to opt for an eCommerce platform that is reliable, dependable, and offers your customers the experience they deserve. Make sure the checkout process is seamless and smooth, and that they can make a purchase without signing up for unnecessary accounts. In other words, make it as easy as possible for them to pay. Look up customer reviews for the various eCommerce platforms to see if there are any issues with their payment portals, or try it out for yourself by visiting a site that features their payment solution.

Selecting the right eCommerse platform for your needs can make a world of difference for your eLearning course sales and profits. Keep these tips at-the-ready when choosing your eCommerse platform to ensure that your eLearning course sales don’t suffer from an inefficient eCommerce platform.

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