How To Choose A Programming Language To Learn: 6 Factors To Consider
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6 Factors For Helping You Choose A Programming Language To Learn

There are many factors which might have encouraged you to be a “code literate”; it might be because there are predictions that software jobs are going to get a great hike of 17% in the coming few years or maybe because there are programming languages that can help you make a lot of money within a short span. The reason could be anything, but you are determined and curious to get your hands dirty with coding, right?

Well, making a decision to get into the coding is, of course, a bold initiative. But, the next thing to do is to choose the programming language you want to get your skills developed. Trust me, this is a daunting task and could be a major hurdle. The main reason is that there are tons of new languages introduced and each of them is sharing their own set of audiences who are always in their favor.

If you wish to get into Android app development, go ahead with Java. If you are planning to make web apps, then learn Ruby on Rails or PHP or anything open source language. But if you still don’t know which language you can choose to begin with, then keep in mind the key factors mentioned in this article to help you make the right choice.

1. Ease Of Learning

One of the very first things that matters the most is how user-friendly and easy a programming language is. Being a newbie developer, ease of learning is very critical at the initial level as to build up the confidence and interest in the language. Therefore, it is very important that you check the how easy to learn a programming language you’ve chosen. Don’t go with the popularity of the language; think about its usability factor.

2. Think About The Application Of A Programming Language!

Well, this is another crucial thing you have to give a though while choosing the programming language. Just imagine, if you’ve learned the PHP programming language but you wish to develop mobile apps later on! Try to think about what you are going to develop once you learned the programming language. Where are you planning to apply the knowledge you gained? Is it a website development? Or is it about gaming, mobile apps, or targeting enterprise applications?

Based on the application you are aiming to deal with, your choice of language might be narrowed down.

3. The Community Matters A Lot...

Okay, you have decided that you are going to learn some XYZ language and you are quite happy with your choice. But what if you are stuck somewhere while coding and need help? What if you want some referencing document or the knowledge base? Well, that’s where the role of developers’ community comes into the picture!

If a programming language or framework doesn’t have a strong developers’ community who contributes towards it, you will be in a trouble when you need a help. moreover, having a strong community of contributors can help you know the latest trends going on in a programming language you learned.

4. Global Presence!

What if you are learning a programming language and later find that you cannot find any projects or jobs from any other locations? It is heart-breaking, right? Well, to avoid such circumstances, it is always a good idea to check whether the programming language you are choosing is accepted globally across the geographic boundaries or not.

For example, if you think to learn about Python, then chances are higher that you get projects or jobs from California because Google uses Python. Same way, there are certain locations where you can find jobs only if you know Ruby on Rails. However, C# or Python may not be in so much use by the local companies.

So, it is a must that you get enough research done about the geographic reach of a programming language. And check if it is globally accepted or not. It will increase your chances to get jobs or projects quickly.

5. Sufficient Job Opportunities

The factors which directly affect the job opportunities in the coding world are the popularity of a programming language and scope of growth. You can use Google to know which are the popular languages and check the job trends in the popular websites.

According to the popular job site, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and C# are in top 5 programming languages considering the job opportunities. So, try to know which programming language can give you security in terms of job and future growth.

6. Last But Not Least – Don’t Forget The Salary!

Of course, everyone loves talking about money and it is the driving factor to choose a programming language to learn. If you are learning a programming language that is not helping you get a good salary, then, of course, it is not worth investing time and effort in it.

According to the study conducted recently, Python, Matlab, and Ruby are the top three languages when it comes to salary standards in the USA. However, PHP and C# are also lucrative when it comes to the salary. Depending on the location and popularity of the language, it is worth considering which programming language can help you get paid well!

There are plenty of ways you can analyze and find out what works best for you. Just remember, there are plenty of opportunities available after you get into the code stuff, but your knowledge defines your path for the success. However, if you are confused about which programming language to learn, it is worth considering the factors discussed above. And it will surely give you head-start to your career in the field of coding.