Are You Prepared To Combat Voice Search?

Are You Prepared To Combat Voice Search?
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Summary: Google reports that 55 percent of teens and 40 percent of adults use voice search daily; and, according to Google’s Behshad Behzadi, the ratio of voice search is growing faster than type search.

Voice Search Heralds A Whole New Pattern Of Keyword Research. Are You Prepared For It?

If you’re reading it here, what do you plan to do next? Do not let complacency set in and come out with some questions:

  • What’s with voice search?
  • Do I need to worry about?
  • How my website will rank for the queries?
  • Is it feasible in my business?
  • Do I need to replan my digital marketing? so on and so forth

You are on the right track if you are actually thinking over it! Let's be clear that voice search is not a passing fad. It is here to stay!

Every smartphone user is known to voice search - all thanks to Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana. You have to pop out a question to get the answers of possibly anything in the world. It has even extended to the latest devices - Amazon Echo and Google Home. So yes, it is cropping up and that too faster than you can think of!

Voice search heralds a whole new pattern of keyword research. They are pretty normal and more conversational than some of the constricted search queries.

As per ComScore, half of all the searches are going to be through voice and another 30% would happen without touching a screen, by 2020.

So, how does this shape your SEO? Some changes in the offing? Right! Pull your socks up and get on to do some work before you lose your customers to competitors!

Here, we’ll take a look into possible ways that can help your website rank better on voice searches:

Semantic Search Becomes More Important

Google depends on more than just keywords to give search engine results. Voice searches provide clarity about what a user is looking for. The Google search results will be more refined and relevant as compared to an odd-sounding search query.

For instance, Cozumel Scuba and Scuba diving in Cozumel will have different search results. The later solicits clear answers unlike the former.

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords To Be Listed Highly In Search Results
    Your SEO keyword search has to refine and get onto the identifiable keywords to enjoy optimal results. Better hire SEO professionals to get a thorough analysis of your keyword strategy.

Google is mulling over the option to include voice search data in Search Console, with the sole purpose to demarcate the search queries from the one entered on keywords. It's somewhat similar to how differentiation has been made between desktop and mobile search data. Do not sit idle and get going!

Featured Snippets

As such there is no clarity as to how a voice search can top the lost, we know that much that Google Home and Google Assistant refer to featured snippets to get search results. Here are few tips that can soar your chances:

  • Clearly Drafted And Targeted Questions
    You can’t be vague. Right? Get a level down and find the most relevant questions general public is asking. Possibly, you can craft the H2 or H3 tags in the content around that. It just gives you an easy way out!
  • No Ambiguous Answers
    Google wants to give the best answers to the users so do that only. Do not come out with superfluous content and instead make it pretty clear and possibly listed in the featured snippets.
  • Engaging Content Is An Unsaid Rule Now & Always
    Keep the relevancy quotient high. As per a research by Ahrefs, 99.58% of pages with featured snippets already rank in top 10 of Google. In the case you are ranking pretty well for related search queries, chances are bright to get featured.

Local SEO To Rule The Roost

Well, local SEO was always important but it must be prioritized with voice search queries. Most of the people vocalize their immediate needs that mostly comprise of local searches.

“Voice activated speaker owners would like to receive the following from brands; deals, sales and promos (52%), personalized tips and info (48%), events and activity information (42%), business information such as store location (39%) and customer service support (38%).” via Think with Google.

So get back at your local SEO. Do not slack off and instead spruce it up to make it relevant for local search results. For instance, if someone is asking ‘where is a cafe near to me’, you must be listed in the top most positions.

A Quick List Of To-Do’s:

Update your Google My Business Page with the latest address, contact details, opening hours, phone number, website etc.

  • Build Online Reviews
    Get more authentic ranking from high authority sites.
  • Schema Markup
    Having a schema microdata improves your site’s rich snippets which in extension push the chances to rank better in SERPs.

Being Mobile-Friendly Puts You In Driver Seat

There is no flick of doubt left over the dominance of mobile technology. So if a smartphone user goes for voice search, he or she wouldn’t be hanging on for information. Instead they would flip to other in no time.

In fact, voice search is a kind of an exclusive thing to do on mobiles.

  • Mobile-Optimize Your Website
  • Improve Site Speed
    A slow and slag website will do no good. In fact, a page that consumes just five seconds to load has got a whopping 90% chance to slap with bounce off as compared to the one which opens in one split second.

Learn more on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, to vital information to make your website runs faster on mobiles.

To Wrap Up...

As we come to the end of it, voice search is something you need to get a grip on before your competitors do. A lot is happening beyond your naked eyes that you can’t get hold of. Collaborate with ingenious minds in the field of search engine optimization to embrace the dynamic changes in the digital marketing.