Master Your Compliance Training With Looop Learning Platform

How To Master Your Compliance Training With Looop

With clients, customers, employees, and stakeholders expecting greater transparency and ethical conduct in the workplace, organisations are under more pressure than ever to have a solid compliance training program in place in order to reduce risk, keep everyone up to date, maintain trust, and minimise the chance of violating the law.

eBook Release: Compliance Training 101: Developing A Compliance Training Program With The Right LMS Platform
eBook Release
Compliance Training 101: Developing A Compliance Training Program With The Right LMS Platform
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Unfortunately, many businesses still focus on traditional compliance methods which are often impersonal, full of messy content, delivered outside of the regular workflow, and expensive or slow to update.

Looop offers a new approach. Using agile methods and digital tools to support the organisation, you can definitely become an expert in compliance training. Ready to get started? Take a look at the Looop approach.

Provide The Know-How Without The Mess

Many organisations are still in the habit of "content dumping" and providing generic courses for their compliance training. The problem with this is that it causes training programs to end up messy, boring, and extremely difficult to navigate. Having to go through pages of content to find the information you need is counterproductive and could end up being costly for an organisation, especially if important compliance information is missing as a result.

Using digital resources on Looop allows businesses to deliver context-rich content that is relevant and personal for your employees. Compliance happens in the real world, so turning these real scenarios into short resources that target specific groups of people ensures your training materials are useful, personal, and unique to your organisation.

Plus, you’ll find your staff are much more likely to engage with your training when they can relate to it and see the value it brings to their roles.

On-Demand Digital Resources On The Go

People are busy and don’t want to spend hours locked in training. Using an on-demand learning platform, like Looop, for your digital resources means your employees can access your training anywhere, anytime. You’re no longer limiting when your staff can ‘learn’, and can instead focus on providing them with the information they need at a time and place that suits them.

When your training is on-demand, you’ll find the organisation will save not only the amount of time spent on training but also the costs involved. Arranging classroom courses or reprinting handbooks every time there’s a regulation change is expensive and unnecessary.

With Looop, your compliance training is available 24/7, on all devices, giving you the confidence in knowing your employees are always receiving up-to-date information, wherever, whenever.

Admin And User-Friendly

It’s common for employees to have limited time to commit to big courses or block out chunks of time. The time-saving benefits that come from using Looop are greatly beneficial for businesses, especially for training programs as important as compliance.

Courses are well known for containing a lot of generic content and can be time-consuming to create. Resources are job-specific and ideally no longer than 5 minutes long, plus they only take a matter of minutes to create and can be easily updated. There’s no wasting time creating content that nobody will ever read. Instead, you free up valuable time for your staff to focus on their day-to-day work and access your compliance training as and when they need to.

As well as being easy to use for admins, it’s important that your learning platform looks good and is user-friendly for the employee. Your learning platform is a representation of your brand, so it needs to look like it. You’ll give your staff a much better training experience if the platform looks modern and clean, and helps them get to their training materials as quickly as possible.

Looop’s web-based content editor lets you drag and drop text, images, videos, links and more. So even if you have no design experience, you can still have a learning platform that looks good.

Track Progress And Report In Real-Time

Successful training programs are driven by data. You need to be able to easily measure the success of your compliance training, and Looop can support you by generating detailed performance reports and real-time data.

Manual record-keeping or limited online tracking is a thing of the past. Looop delivers rich analytics that records a wide range of data, including:

  • Engagement rates
  • Resource performance
  • User access records
  • Automated assessment results
  • Device usage
  • Satisfaction survey feedback

You can also share your resources immediately and track the results in real-time, ensuring no important information is missing.

With Looop, there’s no risk of reports going missing, as they are all readily available on-demand, giving L&D teams more time to focus on utilising insights and gathering feedback to improve the training materials.

Get Started

Compliance training doesn’t have to be boring and unengaging. Learn more about how Looop is helping with compliance training and consider a whole new approach to your training.

eBook Release: Looop
Your employees don’t have time to waste on an LMS they don’t use, and neither do you. That’s why Looop LMS delivers guaranteed performance at the speed, scale, and quality your business needs.