How To Ensure Compliance Training ROI With Looop LMS Platform

How To Ensure Compliance Training ROI With Looop LMS Platform
Summary: Looop can help you maximise your compliance training ROI whilst also improving performance and productivity across the entire organisation. Take a look at how to ensure your compliance training program is set up for success by using Looop's Next-Generation learning platform.

Ensuring Compliance Training ROI Using Looop LMS

Being able to provide employees with valuable information on the device of their choice, as well as being able to measure in real-time, have both seen traditional eLearning take a backseat and digital become the main focus. With more companies turning to online learning solutions, many are still struggling to understand how to determine the ROI (Return On Investment) when it comes to compliance training.

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ROI is determined by 2 key factors: the investment made by the organisation and the value or return gained. In order to be considered successful, the value or return should be greater than the investment. So it follows that there are 2 key parts to improving the ROI of compliance training: reducing the investment required and increasing the return. But how?

Looop is a Next-Generation learning platform that provides lower investment costs than a traditional LMS and delivers proven agile methods that achieve better performance and engagement. Take a look at the points below to find out how Looop can help you maximise your compliance training ROI whilst improving performance and productivity across the entire organisation.

On-Demand And In The Workflow

Looop is on-demand and available anytime, anywhere. The costs associated with traditional L&D methods, such as classroom training and courses, are hefty. Looop eliminates the delay in organising training sessions, as well as having to buy specialist hardware to run your courses. Available across all devices, your employees can access their compliance training materials regardless of their location.

This means that your staff can learn at their own pace and find the information they need quickly and easily. By providing information on-demand, you’ll find that the alignment of ‘learning’ to ‘working’ and the new knowledge are much more likely to be absorbed and put into practice straight away.

With on-demand learning, there’s no time wasted waiting for trainers to become available or handbooks to be updated. On-demand content can be updated in minutes, so you can ensure everyone has access to up-to-date information and no important regulations are missed.

Better Performance And Less Risk

With Looop, you automate your training by providing useful answers at the moments your employees need it the most. Digital resources can be created within minutes and, instead of including tons of generic content, they are targeted to specific groups of people with the information they actually need.

Looop focuses on personalised experiences. Using internal ‘experts’ and the know-how to provide context-rich resources provides far more value to your employees, as they provide real scenarios and challenges for your staff. As a result, you’ll find your compliance training will become far more engaging and relevant to the organisation, as you’re focusing on your unique practices and culture.

Looop helps businesses minimise unnecessary costs through negligence by using digital resources to build a group of well-informed employees. When compliance measures are understood and met, there’s more standardisation in place, and employees are much more likely to perform better as a result. More informed employees are more productive and, in turn, more likely to generate higher profits for businesses.

Well-informed staff also means less risk, legal costs, and reputational damage to a business. Brand awareness and trust are both extremely important and fragile, and definitely something to account for, along with your compliance training ROI. Organisations have a duty to follow regulations and, if these are not met, a company faces losing its positive reputation and could, in turn, suffer when it comes to the overall productivity of its employees and the quality of future candidates.

Real-Time Data

Looop makes it easy for L&D teams to track and measure the success of your compliance training in real-time.

Manual record-keeping or limited online tracking are both things of the past. Looop delivers rich analytics that records a wide range of data, including:

  • Engagement rates
  • Resource performance
  • User access records
  • Automated assessment results
  • Device usage
  • Satisfaction survey feedback

You can focus on delivering training materials that engage and support your employees in their roles. These unique insights allow the organisation to easily notice performance gaps and where the focus needs to be in order to deliver the best possible training materials.

This is where you align your compliance training ROI to the rest of the business. We’ve already mentioned the reduced costs for the business (travel costs, trainer costs, paying for courses), but this is where we see where the value lies. How have the digital resources impacted overall performance? How many people are engaging and how has the reduced training time improved productivity?

The value and return will be clear to see, from both an organisational and employee point of view.

As you can see, there are many benefits to the organisation when using Looop for your compliance training. Simply contact the experts for a free demo today and get started with a faster, better, and agiler approach to make a greater impact and ROI.

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