Content Promotion Tips: 8 Ways eLearning Authors Can Effectively Promote Their Articles

Content Promotion Tips: 8 Ways eLearning Authors Can Effectively Promote Their Articles
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Summary: Much like life, the world of eLearning marketing isn’t fair. Sometimes the best content falls to the bottom of the pile because other authors excel at online promotion. To be seen, you must build the buzz and drive traffic to your guest posts. Here’s how with some content promotion tips…

The Best Content Promotion Tips For eLearning Authors

You’ve spent days crafting the perfect tip guide or software review. You’ve made certain that it’s geared toward your target audience and strikes a balance between readable and keyword-rich. But nobody can find it. Sure, visitors trickle in from time to time, and some even click through or convert into a sale. However, it’s not performing as well as you hoped. Is there a way to get eyes on your article and build a name for yourself online? Or is your winning guest post destined to collect dust? Use these 8 content promotion tips for eLearning authors to market your next article.

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1. Spread The Word On Social Media

Most people spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media. But the plugged-in epidemic may work to your advantage because it allows you to reach your audience directly. You know right where to find them. Post links to your latest articles on social media. Join eLearning groups or create your own to gain a captive audience. One of the best content promotion tips is to know your readers’ habits and needs. So, reach out to them on social media and interact daily to market your guest posts.

2. Create A Link Network

Think of it as a vast network of links that continually promote your content. For example, your newest guest post includes an embedded link to a guide you wrote last month. Which covers a related topic and gives readers a better understanding of the subject matter. Social media posts, blogs, and other posts all become part of the reciprocal marketing spiderweb. Thereby generating more traffic for articles that might have been overlooked the first time around or refreshing their popularity.

3. Write Tie-In Articles

If you’ve hit a goldmine, why not create a whole series of articles that touch on the same topic. Granted, it can be redundant or rehash the same ideas with different wording. For instance, the main topic is the budget-friendly course design or how to improve compliance. These categories have a variety of branches you can address in future articles. Like articles that play a vital role in that link network I just mentioned. Every post contributes to your online reputation and status as an online authority, as well.

4. Include Convincing Summaries

People are pressed for time. They usually base the read-worthiness of an article based on the summary. The brief overview of what the post entails and the benefits it brings. Thus, you must be able to sum up the key discussion points in 2-3 sentences. You’ve brought them this far. Now you need to get visitors to continue reading so that they absorb the information and learn more about your brand. Don’t overaerate claims or lead off with your CTA. Be clear about what the content features and why they should take the time to read it.

5. Use SEO Tools

One of the top content promotion tips isn’t a direct approach, per se, but it underlies all your marketing efforts. Keyword research tools help you drive more traffic to your guest post and rank high in the SERPs. eLearning authors should use these sites to check the competitiveness of keywords and find new ones that align with their target demographic. Some advanced tools even draw from different sources, identify long-tail keywords, and see what the competition is up to.

6. Mention Content During Live Events

There’s no shame in sending live event attendees to your recent article. Especially if it ties into the topic you’re discussing, and it helps them improve their understanding. Tell them where they can find your content and provide convenient links. You can even offer a clickable resource guide that features your top posts. For example, a list of 10 guides you’ve created that can improve their productivity of online sales. Be sure to summarize every item, so they know what to expect.

7. Include Links On Your Landing Page

Add links to your landing page or website so that your loyal followers know how to get more info. For instance, this article can help them make a better buying decision because it features the top 10 things to look for in a new rapid eLearning authoring tool. They can use your sound advice to improve ROI, and you get to highlight your top 10 USPs.

8. Stay Fresh

Frequently reevaluate your posts to ensure they’re still timely and accurate. Trends, techniques, and other eLearning topics might change over time. And readers expect spot-on content that meets their current needs. This also benefits your link building strategy. You can’t send visitors to an article you published last year that’s full of outdated tips. So, add post upkeep to your weekly to-do list and monitor the metrics. Is one of your popular articles on the decline? Take a closer look to identify the problem and make the necessary adjustments. Maybe you need to include more convincing sub-headers or update the stats. eLearning authors must also stay on top of trends to give their readers the latest and most significant insights.

These content promotion tips are applicable for every eLearning article, social media post, or landing page. Use those links, well-chosen keywords, and live event mentions to spread the word and boost your online visibility. Don’t let your value-added content slip through the cracks. Last, but not least, find a reputable platform for guest posting. One that already has a loyal following and understands the importance of eLearning marketing.

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