7 Creative Ways To Use Video Demos In Online Training

7 Creative Ways To Use Video Demos In Online Training
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Summary: Are your employees tired of traditional online training tutorials and step-by-step walkthroughs? In this article, I’ll explore 7 creative ways to use video demos in your online training course.

How To Use Video Demos In Online Training: 7 Creative Ways To Consider

Video demos help to simplify complex tasks and give employees the ability to mimic favorable performance behaviors. But opting for the same production approach, time after time, can lead to boredom. Why not mix things up a bit and add a dose of the unexpected to your online training experience. Here are 7 innovative ways to include video demos in your online training courses.

1. Skills-In-Action Vignettes

Many online training courses explain how employees can use their skills in the workplace. Video vignettes allow you to showcase these skills in action so that learners can apply them more effectively. They are also entertaining and engaging, which is a major plus. These bite-size vignettes feature characters in real world situations. They must use their abilities and available resources to overcome an obstacle or complete a task. For example, apply problem-solving skills to handle a customer complaint.

2. Mock Sale Product Demos

Employees have memorized all the product specs, features, and benefits. But do they know how to actually sell it to the consumer? Staff must be able to utilize all the information to create an effective sales pitch based on the customer’s needs. A mock sale product video demo gives employees a visual example to follow. They can discover new techniques and then try them in the workplace, as well as explore the product’s features and practical uses in greater detail. You can even follow-up with sales tips custom tailored for the product. For instance, unique selling points they can use to seal the deal.

3. Test Employee Knowledge With Right And Wrong Scenarios

Create a video demo that shows both ends of the spectrum. One scene depicts the correct way to perform a task or solve a problem. The other scene showcases the incorrect way to tackle the challenge. For example, the video scenario involves a conflict between two co-workers. The manager must decide which half of the video features the best problem-solving approach based on the circumstances. In order to do so, they have to apply their skills, experience, and pre-existing knowledge. You can also use this video format for compliance online assessments. For instance, which scene depicts the proper clean-up or storage protocols.

4. What Would You Do? Compliance Case Studies

This is another compliance-related video demo that assesses employee knowledge and allows them build real world experience. The video video features a compliance issue that corporate learners may encounter on-the-job. At the end, a series of responses/outcomes appears on the screen. For example, the scene shows an employee improperly handling a product. The employee must decide what they would do differently or how they might remedy the situation, such as wearing the proper safety gear and placing the item in a refrigerated environment. Case studies, real-world examples, and stories can provide a framework for these video demos.

5. Interactive Task Tutorials

Traditional task tutorials require employees to merely observe that process as it’s being performed. However, an interactive video demo invites them to play a more active role. They must choose which step to complete next, as well as what tools they need to be most efficient. This video production approach is a bit more involved. As you must create separate videos for each decision-making path. You can also simplify the format by including resource links to enhance comprehension instead of giving learners a choice. For instance, employees who want to learn more about the second step in the process can click on the embedded links to access online manuals, simulations, and other online training resources.

6. Animated Company Policy Demos

Animation makes virtually any training topic fun and entertaining. It may even add a touch of humor to otherwise bland compliance courses. There are a variety of animated video creators that you can use to produce top notch video demos. The key is to incorporate memorable characters and relatable situations. Also, develop a separate video demo for each policy in order to boost knowledge retention. This allows you to compile a microlearning online training library that employees can use for quick reference on-the-job.

7. Put Employees In The Director’s Chair

Give employees the opportunity to develop their own video demo and upload it to the online training library. This also allows them to gather feedback from their peers and improve their understanding of the subject matter. In order to create a video demo they have to know the topic inside and out. Or master every step of the task to teach it to co-workers. It’s best to provide them with guidelines to follow during the video production process. For example, the video needs to be roughly 2-minutes long and they must cover a topic on the pre-approved list. In addition, give them a list of resources they have at their disposal.

Top Tip To Use Video Demos In Your Online Training Course

It’s essential to remember that videos are merely a support tool to help reinforce the key takeaways and improve knowledge retention. Ultimately, they have to align with the objectives and desired outcomes to be truly effective. Entertainment value is important, but humorous animations and interesting characters shouldn’t overshadow the subject matter. In short, you have to find a way to balance the fun and knowledge absorption when producing your video demo. Otherwise, they may be nothing more than a distraction that wows employees, but fails to achieve the training goals.

These video demo ideas can enhance the effectiveness of your online training course and facilitate real world application. They also increase employee engagement and add a dose of entertainment to dry training topics. If you don’t have the time or resources to produce your video demo from scratch, you may want to invest in a rapid eLearning authoring tool.

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