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How To Create Effective Customer Education Courses

The customer success landscape has changed. Technology companies are producing more complex software, which can often overwhelm customers during the onboarding process. As a result, it's common for these customers—whether it's a lawyer adopting a new solution to manage his legal practice or the doctor trying to learn new medical software while treating patients—to quickly abandon new platforms.

eBook - Building Effective Customer Education Programs
Learn how companies can use online learning to augment existing customer training efforts.

If your company is building products that people rely on to boost workplace performance, you can understand the pain from both sides. It's a challenge to make all of your customers happy and successful, especially as your product evolves and your user base grows. It gets even more difficult as your product adds functionality, and with that comes new types of users as well. To solve this, companies today are turning to customer success training, guided by the logic that well-versed customers who take full advantage of your product will also be more successful. Companies engaging their customers with up-to-date product information and success content are reducing churn, decreasing support costs, and improving customer satisfaction. In short, customer training leads to customer retention.

However, since customer training is still in its early stages, there is little consensus on what training methods work best. Most of them are borrowed from old-fashioned internal training methodologies, which don't fully suit the needs of learners today. Luckily, there is a better way to on board customers and keep current users updated. In the eBook Building Effective Customer Education Programs you’ll have a look at the basic tenets of customer training, you’ll learn 4 traditional training methods that companies use today, and you’ll explore ways to supplement them with online courses to create more effective customer training programs.

About The eBook

Following are the key chapters of the eBook Building Effective Customer Education Programs:

  1. What Is Custom Training
    Today’s forward-thinking companies are using new approaches to customer training-including online webinars, knowledge bases, live chat, and online courses.
  2. How Do Companies Train Now 
    Successful companies have largely moved past the 300-page user manual, but many are still operating in the past when it comes to the way they deliver customer training. Let’s examine four of the most common ways of delivering training, and learn ways to augment them with online learning.
  3. One-On-One Consulting
    Most customer training efforts begin as one-on-one consulting. When products are new and only have a small number of users, white-glove onboarding and education makes sense.
  4. In Person Seminars (One-To-Many)
    A popular training method involves in-person, one-to-many seminars, and training sessions. These carry the benefit of allowing a trainer to teach dozens or even hundreds of people at once.
  5. Online Webinars
    Webinars are a very popular form of training, simply because they offer many of the benefits of in-person training at a much lower cost.
  6. Written Documentation
    Written documentation is still alive and well in the form of knowledge bases, FAQs, and inline help documents.
  7. Getting Started With Online Training
    When you find yourself spending more and more of your time giving the same talks and training, online courses may be the next logical step.
  8. How Can Companies Create Original Courses
    Augmenting traditional training with online courses introduces new sets of tools and capabilities to customer training.

Today's forward-thinking companies are using new approaches to customer training. To learn how to deliver effective customer training courses, download the eBook Building Effective Customer Education Programs.

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