Digital Devices: Motivating Above Average Students

Digital Devices: Motivating Above Average Students
Summary: Digital devices have become a crucial part of our everyday lives. Students are very diverse in the way they learn such as some being slower learners, faster learners, visual learners, or auditory learners. Technology has become an essential tool to equalize a variety of learners. For students that consistently excel, utilizing a variety of online tools will help continue expanding their minds.

Extra Knowledge From Digital Devices 

Digital devices are becoming more and more common in the educational system from a very early age and throughout adult life. Teachers enjoy utilizing technology in their lesson plans in order to make the lesson more fun and enticing. Digital devices not only grab the attention of students, but also provide an abundance of extra knowledge. For students that are learning at faster rates or that are particularly well adaptive, adding more information to the lesson will enable for the student to continue to grow and learn additional material.

For students who are excelling in their work, there are online programs that allow these students to read summaries on various books and articles. Such platforms, like, are beneficial to students who have completed their work successfully and are interested in getting ahead of the game by expanding their knowledge on the topic. By providing extra material digitally, students are excited to use technology whilst learning beyond the basic lessons. For example, high school students that are preparing to enter the world of college would find it useful to be able browse through different college books. This gives a student who is ahead the ability to grow more, learn more detail on the subject, and better prepare for college courses as well.

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Challenging Achievers With Digital Devices

Many above average students are already diligent and hard working. These students have done an excellent job and are ahead of other learners. It may seem that slower learners are being challenged considerably more since they comprehend material at a different rate, but as teachers we must continue to challenge all students whether they are slower learners or faster learners.

For students that are doing very well, it is important to be challenged even more to expand their potential. Using technology, allows the students to be highly effective by completing tasks faster or in more detail. Digital flashcards and mind maps are very simple yet useful resources for students of all learning abilities. While using digital flashcards, have students that really understand the concept go through the flashcards at a faster rate. Once completed, have the excelling students add more detail to the flashcards. For achieving students making mind maps, have them add extra bubbles to their diagram to include extra knowledge. Now the students will be able to learn more information on the subject. This will challenge the student to learn extra material based on the same subject that all the students are learning.

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Recognition From Peers

Students that are over achievers or simply doing an excellent job studying and learning the material deserve to be recognized for their hard work and effort. Students that might be behind are in need of positive peer pressure to motivate them to work hard and be more successful. Peer pressure is defined as a social pressure from others to act in a particular way in order to be accepted. Positive peer pressure not only assists students that are lagging behind, but also provides means of recognition for those students that are doing very well.

There are various online programs like that may facilitate some positive peer pressure. These programs allow all of the students to see each other’s average scores, reviews, or summaries. For students that are very successful, seeing other students work may motivate them to continue to work hard and do even better. Online programs allow for students to see their ranking in a leader board format. Successful students enjoy being recognized for their hard work by means of a ranking order. Furthermore, teachers and peers may also make positive comments or reviews on the students work that all of the students may see. This acts as a nice recognition for the students’ hard work and successful effort.

Whether the student is lagging behind or over achieving, incorporating technology in the classroom will absolutely help motivate the student to learn. Digital devices alone are intriguing to students and adults these days so adding them as an educational tool will only entice the students. Furthermore, students that are learning at a faster rate will continue to grow by being exposed to extra knowledge, challenges, and receiving the recognition that they deserve.

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