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Founder of Make notes, flashcards and mind-maps on textbooks, articles, cases, classes etc.
Founder of, an online study tool for students to study their course materials. Chris himself had troubles with studying, until he turned to a study coach and learned the methods of effective studying. eFaqt has now 100 000 users.
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March 23, 2016

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy In eLearning

One huge obstacle in education since the beginning of time is the self-fulfilling prophecy. This prophecy is problematic for teachers as well as students. Here is how eLearning can minimize its negative effects on academic performance, and maybe even use the prophecy to its own advantage.
March 6, 2016

Why Digital Literacy Is Critical In eLearning

Digital literacy has become part of our lives. We easily navigate on the web, searching for articles and videos, and sharing information with our friends. These tasks seem easy, however they are not that easy for everyone. There are still many people for whom the web is a confusing, dark space. Digital skills should be part of education to ensure that every student, independent from age and background, can equally participate and benefit from the infinite knowledge of the web.
February 5, 2016

How Students And Teachers Use Digital Flashcards

Paper flashcards used to play an important role in both teaching and learning. With the revolution in the edTech industry however, digital flashcards become more and more popular. eFaqt is an online study tool that offers digital flashcards. We asked our top student and teacher user how they combine digital flashcards with classroom education.