10 Really Important Digital Innovations Created In Schools

10 Really Important Digital Innovations Created In Schools
Summary: In the digital world today, it has become more and more important for schools to teach students how to be creative, and to give emphasis on digital innovation. At present, school administrators consider their role as providing guidance on how to manage technological infrastructure.

Are There Digital Innovations Created In Schools? Let's See 10 Of Them

Organizations that value innovation are on the rise. Thus, educational institutions and educators have decided to prepare students for the future they would face. Schools, nowadays, need an innovation strategy, and there are already several of them that have their own strategy. For an educational institution, encouraging teachers to integrate technology into the classroom empowered and motivated them to seek it out. School administrators now see their role as providing guidance on how to manage technological infrastructure, doing internal research, providing professional development, and scaling teacher practices that would make an impact on the students.

These days, schools encourage students to develop their creative skills in an enterprise context. People are living in connected societies, wherein more and more people of all ages use digital technologies in their daily lives. The internet world is changing the way education is sourced, delivered and enjoyed. The eLearning market is projected by some to grow to a fifteen-fold, which accounts for 30% of the entire education market. The demand in the business sector continuously evolves, thus educational institutions see the need to prepare and equip their students to what lies ahead, when they leave the school portals, and become professionals in their various career of choice.

It is always true that a young mind is the sharpest mind, since it learns fast and acts faster. Earlier, the education system focused on books and rote-learning, but times are evolving as the young geniuses opt to take a different path. They have chosen digital technology over books, and ideas over words. India is known as the number one technological hub in the world. It produces hundreds of thousands of technology-savvy graduates every year. Moreover, the country is giving the young minds a place to innovate and experiment and come up with something that is extraordinary, and well, truly innovative. Check out the digital innovations that are made in schools, from the brilliant minds of the students and young people from schools in India, as well as the United States, and some parts of Europe.

1. A Pen To Check Concentration

It is a pen that has pressure sensors on the grip that indicates focus or concentration loss as soon as the grip loosens.

2. Science

The California State University Northridge launched the computer supported collaborative science initiative to aid science teachers in high-need schools, in the Los Angeles area, to engage students in genuine research experiences through using cloud-based tools.

3. Art

Students in the UK work toward their illustration degree using iPads with an illustration application called Brushes to create drawings that could be played back as a video. The activity encourages reflection and discussion regarding the drawing process, allowing students to contrast techniques, highlight and correct any bad habits.

4. Hand-Held Rod

This hand-held rod has a clutch at the grip and a clasp at the further tip for holding the bulb. This makes it easy for anyone to change the bulb without requiring a chair or a ladder.

5. Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide Level Indicators In Cars

It is a  system to detect levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide in the close car and open windows when the level of oxygen drops or the carbon dioxide level rises, thus prevents accidental deaths in children or pets locked inside a car.

6. Wheelchair That Has Convertible Crutches

The idea is to have a modified wheelchair that could be folded and converted to a crutch. This makes it easy to take on stairs on use on a flat surface as well.

7. Multicolor Headphone Wires

The wires or cords of the headphone may be of various colors, so that untangling becomes easy. A simple solution to a daily problem faced by many people.

8. Automatic Blade Swinging Ceiling Fan

The automatic blade swinging makes it easy cleaning. The blades, when switched off, will loop downwards, so they could be cleaned. When switched on, they become horizontal just like other ceiling fans.

9. Adjustable Electricity Extension Board With Flexible Plug Points

By using this, one could put any kind of electric plugs whenever there is available space. The idea came from the burden of using a lot of power strips and extension cords.

10. Torch With An Additional Bulb

The idea is for another bulb underneath the main one, so the light is available near the user’s feet, and also for the people following the user.