5 Digital Trends That Will Shape Education In 2019

5 Digital Trends That Will Shape Education In 2019
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Summary: The education sector keeps evolving with time and the hunt for new ways of teaching is essential. That is why these 5 trends will shape education in 2019.

How Digital Trends In 2019 Will Shape The Education Sector

Even after the technological advancement, rather than preparing the youth to move the technology forward, the education sector has remained hesitant to adopt digital trends. Let’s agree to it; the education sector isn't usually the fast adopters of the technological changes.

That is the sole reason why progress remains hesitant and slow in education but it has yet not stopped. Schools and colleges have started introducing new courses, and the industry would soon transform.

The education sector has always been the last to make extensive changes holding onto old teaching practices. But with digital transformation in education, teachers are incorporating new advanced features. In this article, we shall see and touch upon a few of the changes and trends of 2019 in education that will surely change the education sector.

Internet Of Things

It’s nothing new but IoT has to be the first in our list because of the advancements in technology. Previously, many educators have focused on aspects like energy efficient schools and colleges when IoT is talked about.

The benefits are great; hypothetically speaking, IoT can enable a student’s teacher to share their test results with parents in real-time, involving them to see potential issues they may face in the classroom or at home.

The real-time process can automatically track when (task) homework is completed, or what the time stamp of its completion is and even gather data about the time it takes the students to complete the assignment.

With the critical information, teachers can better understand if their methods are working, whether the assignments are hard, or if students are working late into the night to get it done. This is a valuable insight as it would enhance future digital transformation trends in education. Also, it can help students gain momentum for homework time at home.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality is the future, but it’s not sure if any school or campus is planning to take any courses for it. But in the coming weeks, you will start to see more and more schools taking an interest in using AR and VR to aid students to foresee things like travel, history and even input program development.

Products available in the market like Google Expeditions are trying to make classrooms AR friendly with a big range of experiences/expeditions and tutorials through smartphone apps.

The tutorials offer more than 900 different expeditions; these type of things will allow students to remain engaged and learn new AR possibilities in the future.

Increase In Security

Schools nowadays are keeping their security secure by installing large gates to keep strangers and potential threats outside such as gun violence. The same applies to digital security as its a common practice of tech businesses to fall prey to hackers. Students alongside are facing the same on a larger level dealing with the cyber world dangers.

With the increase in digital technologies, the need for better high security is becoming important in the K-12 arena. A report by Securly on ‘Child's Research History’ has concerns regarding the safety of children in classrooms and are incorporating new countermeasures.

Hence, the digital transformation trends in education are booming throughout the country. But there will be a clash between the type of technology being used in private-public schools and public schools.

But with digital transformation, more threats will always appear because anything connected over the internet through WiFi or by other means will be prone to get affected by cyberbullying, spamming, malware and much more.

That is the reason why students need to make use of a VPN on a budget to keep their online activities safe and secure at all times.

Personalized Learning

Learning can be personalized now, whether it's schools or individual students to mold education as to their needs. There is a concept called blended learning that puts the responsibility on the student as less involvement of the teacher is present and more discovery method of learning is adopted.

Blended learning is a new interactive method where students can demonstrate how they can control the aesthetics of their learning by making decisions according to their intuitive level and thinking skills.

The same applies to adaptive learning where students make critical decisions such as the task to be completed in the timeframe and the path chosen. Adaptive learning involves collecting data about students behavior as they counter and overcome problems and later provide feedback.

Another learning trend came to light and it is called Osmosis, that is created by doctors for the use of doctors; which is a great help to medical students. It focuses on evidence-based concepts which include flashcard questions, videos, adaptive spaced repetition, gamification, and Osmosis maximizes learning and retention. Such personalization is a driving force for a futuristic learning specter.

Redesigned Learning Spaces

Educators have realized the scope of un-cluttered classrooms to create collaborative-friendly spaces for eLearning. These classes include SMARTboards instead of chalkboards and pods of SMARTdesks rather than individual seating structures. Students are taken on virtual field trips instead of essential book reading.

The re-structure of learning space is designed in a way to integrate technology as well. Students aren't familiar with these, but they will understand and learn how to use them to provide a good impact on learning.

In the coming years, colleges and schools will provide more informal campuses to help aid students at their convenience.

Final Words

With time, students are becoming less interactive with the standard of teaching methods which is why eLearning and digital transformation will be key to their interest. More and more digital trends will pave forward, but the 5 most prominent digital transformation trends in 2019 will be the ones that we discussed.