Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies mission is to provide quality education at an affordable price to help everyone develop their career in the latest technologies.


We provide e-learning courses for the managers, analysts and leaders. We cover the following fields: - BPM (Business Process Management) - EU Project Management - Social Responsibility Management - Sustainability Management - IT Management

Bigger Brains

Bigger Brains produces a library of over 160 off-the-shelf eLearning courses, using a unique Teacher/Learner format for higher engagement. Bigger Brains also provides a training reinforcement chatbot app called BrainBot and MS Teams integration.

BioPharma Institute

The BioPharma Institute is the #1 place online for pharma training classes. As a highly accredited service, we offer working professionals in the pharma, biotech & healthcare industries, online training, literature, and certification programs.


BitDegree is the world’s first blockchain-based online education platform that teaches digital skills. The company's goal is to make learning fun and rewarding by providing cryptocurrency based scholarships and game-like experience while learning.


Worlds largest eBook publisher for management, soft skills, personal development, coaching, leadership and Microsoft Office software guides.

Bradford Learning Global

Bradford Learning Global is a 100% online live and interactive training institution registered in UAE offering professional accountancy courses like CMA, ACCA, CPA, Diploma in IFRS , Cert. in IFRS ,Cert in Intl Audit etc. in a structured format.

Bramble Academy Limited

Free Learning Resources for academic institutions and individuals.

Butterfly Training


C3 SoftWorks

Whether you’re teaching in the classroom, or over the web, our customizable training game software will help you present your content in the most engaging way.


Canity provides 400+ microlearning video lessons. Lessons are grouped into modules each focused on a different corporate soft skill with accompanying eBooks and interactive online quizzes. You'll find what you need to train your team.


CanopyLAB is an educational technology company with a mission to change the way we learn and offer a platform for learning that is available to all types of companies and organizations.

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