Borders Henry Voice Overs

A smooth and warm yet professional voice with a neutral North American accent

Founded in
2707 W Morse Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645
Contact details
(847) 834-9733

This is a team effort, right? I’ll help you spark curiosity and engage learners with the knowledge you want them to acquire and use.

I am a Chicago-based voice over artist with a clear, conversational delivery, and my voice has a medium pitch with just a hint of a deep undertone.

I care deeply about providing high-quality customer service to match my high standards for broadcast-quality audio.

Special voice over niches include:

·      eLearning

·      Explainers

·      Narrated Virtual Tours

·      Radio & TV Commercials

·      Documentaries

·      Corporate Narration 

I’d be happy to do a custom audition and provide a competitive quote. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions.

I’m excited to hear from you. Go, team!


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