CanopyLAB is an educational technology company with a mission to change the way we learn and offer a platform for learning that is available to all types of companies and organizations.

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Learning as a social event is not a new phenomenon
Conversations have helped people develop competencies for ages. But not when it comes to learning online. That’s why we made CanopyLAB - we have taken the social and collaborative aspects of learning and made them digital and simple. And added some features we know you will like.

The LAB offers free and global learning with leading NGOs on focusing on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and humanities.

Practice competencies through exercises
Just as in the real physical classroom we all benefit from conversation, exercises and feedback whether being directly from the teacher, through large scale teamwork or in open discussions with a partner.

In each course chapter you are given a series of exercises, you can use to practice competencies through. The practical combinations of learning materials and exercises allow you to both learn knowledge and competencies and prepare for the workplace of the future.