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Chromatic Content is a full service eLearning content development company. We help our clients think about how their training programs can support the overall strategic objectives of the company as a whole. We provide our clients with a fresh approach, and through our discovery process, we map our a training curriculum with specific learning objectives for each course. Then we build the eLearning modules through our instructional design, multimedia design, and content development processes.

Our services include:

  • Needs Analysis: to identify an optimal training plan that targets the highest return on investment competencies, audiences, and business needs.
  • Content Development: full service creation of engaging course content using instructional design principles and an audience-specific delivery strategy.
  • Multimedia Development: delivering highly engaging, creative, and entertaining eLearning modules that match each companies audience-specific style and tone.
  • Delivery & Hosting: hosting and maintenance of training content on one of our partner Learning Management Systems.
  • Evaluation: creation of a customized training evaluation plan that measures the performance and return on investment of each company's training programs.

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can be a contribution to taking your company to the next level through an expansion in your eLearning programs.


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