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CBTec Oy (owner of Eliademy brand)  has been established by ex-Nokia and ex-Meego employees in February 2012 with a vision is to democratize education with technology. This vision comes from belief that education should be available to all and everywhere. Going back to history, the great philosopher Plato started the first Academy in the world in an olive tree grove, also known as Elia in Greek. It was a remarkable event which for the foundation for human education. However, Plato's Academy was available only for people of Athens. Applying the same philosophy and taking it further, CBTec believes education should be available to everyone all over the world, thus Eliademy was created.

Eliademy supports educators and students with free online classrooms that enable them create, share and manage courses. Universities, colleges, trainers, coaches, hobby clubs among others can use it as a free learning management system and course content created by the teacher will always belong to them. With its smart and friendly interface, fast and easy to use features, educators are able to engage students with features such as discussion boards, videos, images, newsfeed, visual notifications and calendar, anytime, from any corner of the world.