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Beverly Hills
Sheikh Zayed, Giza
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Learning solutions for the digital age:

We’re passionate about building technologies that engage people to learn through different innovative technology tools & content

  • LMS in Arabic & English.
  • On-demand coaching for organizations.
  • 100+ off-the-shelf online training programs.
  • Professional e-learning content studios in Egypt, KSA, and UAE.

The most powerful cloud-based learning management solution:

All in one learning management solution for corporates & organizations supported by strong international partners

A scalable platform that fits all your present & future needs. Powered by: Microsoft Cloud.

Course Library:

More than 100 Arabic online courses developed for companies & organizations in the middle east & tailor-made content for each company's needs.

Our Achievements:

  • 600,000+ Learners.
  • 10 years of experience.
  • 100+ Customers in MENA.

The First Professional E-learning Studios in the Middle East:

E-Learning Experience produces favorable courses.

5 Professional studios equipped with the most updated world-class tools you will ever need & managed by the professional team to design and deliver the most engaging learning experience (Videos, Animations, Interactive Content, Simulation Games… etc.).

Not everyone is learning the same way:

Build high-quality learning programs that are tailored to match your organization’s culture. Not everyone is learning the same way. Also, not every organization is learning the same way!

Everything you need to create an E-learning course:

  • Professional studios optimized to only create & deliver E-Learning courses.
  • Well-trained professional team to capture, edit and finalize your E-Learning course.
  • Our E-Learning experts will guide you through the process of building an engaging E-Learning course.

Why should I use ENTLAQA Services:

We are the first E-Learning Studios in the Middle East with more than 7-Years of experience in delivering the highest quality learning programs to multinational companies in the region

Do we deliver just videos:

No, we deliver a complete training program including (Instructional design, Content creation, Video shooting, Animations, Quizzes, and Interactive content).

How to make studio reservation:

Fill in the form at the beginning of this page, then one of our team will be in contact with you to guide you through the process