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About eWyse

After being a member of one of the leading global training & development organizations since 2009, we realized the advantages of digital technologies in education and decided to create eWyse. With a background in education, we combine traditional and proven values of a great F2F training session with a digital approach, spiced up with new and exciting trends.

eWyse HQ is located in Zagreb, Croatia, GMT+1, and we can meet you virtually anywhere and anytime.

Consider us to be your remote eLearning development team. Let us use all of our knowledge, experience, and expertise for your benefit. We will create custom eLearning courses that will fit all of your needs and help you reach your KPIs.

And why should you work with us? Because we have carefully defined process that eliminates all of the risks from your side. We believe in transparency and creating detailed proposals in Excel sheet (you should know what are you paying for, right?). We are an award-winning team, with lots of satisfied customers.

And we're really fun to work with. At least, that's what we think (and our moms think we're funny too). 🤓

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