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  • Academic
  • K12
  • Large Enterprises
  • Small/Medium Businesses
Specialization Areas
  • Customer Experience
  • Leadership Development
  • Operations Training
  • Sales & Services Training
  • Software & Systems Training
  • Automotive
  • Computer Software
  • Consumer Goods
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Retail
Bhubaneswar, India
Noida, India
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+1 609 755 1003

Forward Eye Consulting offers transformational digital solutions for your enterprise. Our solutions impact 3 core areas of your business: Customers, Employees, Operations.

  • Digital Learning Solutions (Workforce Performance)
  • Digital Marketing Solutions (Customer Engagement)
  • Digital Enterprise Solutions (Connected Enterprise)

"In the last 5 years, I have realized a sea change in the marketplace conditions. Consumers are driving enterprises towards everyday innovation. Employees are expecting rapid skill development and rewarding career paths. Hyper-technologies remain important to the core, but seek personalized and multi-channel touch points with users.

I strongly believe it’s time we bring the CTO, CMO and CLO organizations together. This is what we are doing at Forward Eye Consulting, transforming the digital enterprise."

– B (Ben) Nayak

Founder, Lead Analyst


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