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Business Overview

G-Cube Solutions has been around for 19 years, and is one of the few solutions to carry a CMMi Level 3 certification (required by many U.S. DoD and government contracts). G-Cube LMS is our proprietary product. G-Cube’s eLearning content development services include designing and developing custom e-courses, mobile learning, content localization, game-based learning, simulations, and consulting for curriculum design. G-Cube has received more than 80 awards including Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Learning and Technology, Apex Awards, and LearnX Awards. G-Cube is a self-funded organization with around 30% growth year on year.

G-Cube LMS V7 is the latest, updated release of our proprietary Learning Management System. G-Cube LMS has separate variants for Enterprise and Extended Work Force. G-Cube LPP (Learning and Performance Platform) and G-Cube LXP (Learning Experience Platform) are our latest offering.

Services Highlights:

  • Highly Experienced Organization: 19+ years of e-learning experience, 80+ eLearning Awards, 250+ eLearning Professionals, 25,000 hours of eLearning content produced.
  • Process Oriented: G-Cube is a CMMI Level 3 organization and follows proven process for in all its business operations.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: G-Cube has a large pool of associated subject matter experts to provide domain expertise on the projects undertaken.
  • Native Resources: G-Cube has partnered with native resources to provide translation and localization services in more than 30 languages.
  • Solution Focused: G-Cube has a solution focused approach in all services. Once a client is acquired, the focus is not just to provide service as it is, but to offer a solution to the client’s business problem.
  • Specialist Resources: G-Cube has dedicated teams of specialized resources for each skill area whether it is Instructional Designing, graphics designing, software engineering or project management.

Products Features

  • G-Cube LMS V7 has a highly user-friendly interface developed after years of research. Its interface (menu & buttons) are touch-friendly to enable mobile users to use the product on smart phones.
  • It is web responsive for devices that have a screen large than 7”. It also has a mobile app for Android & iOS for users to have a seamless experience.
  • Video Compatible Technology – G-Cube LMS V7 can run videos in multiple formats.
  • Customizable – G-Cube LMS V7 can be customized to meet any specific need of any organization.

Learning App Platform

  • Our learning app platform gives you the power to create small apps for very specific purpose using an easy template based content creation engine and publish them for app stores at a click of a button.
  • At the Backend is a content management tool with pre-created content templates ranging from static pages, video, games, quizzes and complex simulations.
  • Create content quickly using these templates and bundle them together.
  • Embellish with branding, themes & configurable graphics.
  • Publish as an app which runs on android and iOS.
  • Change and update content at the backend and the changes will go as an app update to all users.



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