iTutorSoft is a leader in R&D of educational technologies integrating a unified systems meta-model of activities, visual Authoring of Quality Courseware, and generation of Dynamically Adaptive, Competence-Based, Successful Personalized Learning

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iTutorSoft is a start-up company created in March 2012 and located in Rockville Maryland, Greater Washington DC area. iTutorSoft is a proud member of the Microsoft BizSpark Program, which provides technology, support, visibility, and community to promising startups and entrepreneurs. We are Serious eLearning Manifesto Signatory.

So, we are a promising, serious and growing multidisciplinary team/network of scientists, software engineers, and instructional designers.

Despite our recent appearance on the adaptive/intelligent self-paced e-learning market, we have a long history of research, design and development since 1975. Since then the core components and a dozen of complete versions of  intelligent tutoring-authoring platforms have been developed, tested and implemented in many different domains, for different audiences, industries and academia. Our latest cloud-based Adaptive Learning-Authoring Platform for Personalized Education is a mature solution based on our earlier versions and decades of research, development, implementation, evaluation, and perfection.

For smooth integration of traditional and innovative functionality, our cloud-based Platform is connected with the most popular open-source Moodle LMS by using IMS LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard. This popular standard opens the powerful channel of our integration with any other LMS implementing the same standard. It is a great way for all traditional LMS to support the most effective personalized learning.

In contrast to all other known solutions in this field, (based on reuse of existing solutions in other fields, in-house heuristics or specific theories), our platform represents a  holistic deep integration of general Systems and Activity theories, Learning and Instructional theories, proven Instructional Design Principles, Algorithms of effective Planning, Testing and Root-Cause Diagnosing, and many versions of e-Learning standards we actively participated in IEEE, LETSI, and ADL SCORM. It was optimized and significantly simplified for end users: authors and learners.

The platform's unique features includes (but not limited to):

  1. a general Activity Framework to clarify, simplify and assure quality of authoring and learning of any specific Content & Competencies & Performance of any complexity,
  2. an Authoring Tool for Rapid-to-Serious visual authoring of any specific blended Content & Competencies & Performance by filling in the general Activity Framework and automated Quality Assurance,
  3. a Learner Dynamic Profile to represent current Competence/Proficiency, constant Preferences and variable Parameters of each particular Learner for unlimited adaptivity, and
  4. a general, yet customizable Tutoring Engine for monitoring Learner’s Performance, updating the Learner Dynamic Profile, and providing the Learner with the most effective, competence-based, adaptive, precisely focused, personalized educational interventions (and/or recommendations). It supports learning on-your-own, provides intelligent coaching and tutoring.

Schools, Colleges, Universities and Enterprises can smoothly empower their traditional education (equipped with LMS) with adaptive courseware authoring and providing personalized learning services to their students 24/7. They are welcome to resale their own content online to much bigger audiences as well as buy it from other vendors using our platform.

Digital publishers and content developers are welcome to partner with us and use our cloud Adaptive Learning-Authoring platform for adaptive contend design, development and sale to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Enterprises.