Linda Broom Voiceovers

An experienced voice actor and former instructional designer & classroom trainer. Prepared to engage your learners. Providing fast response time and accuracy.

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Alpharetta, GA
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With over two decades of experience as a classroom trainer and instructional designer, I know first hand how important and sometimes difficult it is to find the right voice for your project.  Let me help!

I have a background in the insurance and financial industry. I "speak" automotive, injury/medical, regulation/legal-ease, contract language, leadership principles, and more.  In addition, I have experience in design thinking. I also dabble in sketch comedy and improv along with arts & music, so I've got a great balance of that whole right brain/left brain thing going on!  And, I can roll with the punches.

My voice is authentic, genuine, and believable. I approach my reads as if I'm having a conversation with the learner/listener, not talking "at" them.  I know the voice over in training can make the difference between engaged learners, and learners who just click through the course.  Bottom line, I have a passion for learning and creating training that no only engages, but helps learners retain the subject matter.

My professional-grade home studio is well equipped with top-notch technology so that I can deliver high-quality audio. I provide a quick turnaround and fair prices.

Let's work together!