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Human voice has the power to deliver a message beyond the meaning of words. It encapsulates memories, emotions, and represents everything associated.

But human voice is not scalable - working with voice talent is cumbersome, time-consuming, and costs quite a bit of money for a lot of individuals and SMBs, because of the intrinsic limitations of human voice in terms of temporal and spatial boundaries.

On the other hand are the robotic voices you hear from navigation and smartphones. They just won't cut it.

That's why we created LOVO Studio.

LOVO Studio is an AI Voiceover & Cloning platform for content creators to easily and quickly create audio and digital contents without having to find an expensive studio or voice talent, or scramble to record on their own voice for each new material.

With distance learning becoming the new norm, we want to make it easy and accessible for educators of all types and industries to create digital contents.

We are used by school districts, universities, corporate HR and L&D Teams, Audiobook authors, YouTubers, marketers & salesteams, movie producers, and software developers.