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“Learning is Experience. Everything else is just Information.” - Albert Einstein

LXD Studio lives by this saying. With 25+ years of experience in adult education, our expertise lies in designing customized and engaging learner-centric content for self-access, ILT, and VILT that simplifies complex information, ensures memorable learning journeys, and ultimately improves performance.

Besides corporate, onboarding, and software training, we are experts in:

  • Sales and Product Training: What makes LXD experts in sales training development? An additional 17 years of proven experience as European and Global Business Development Manager! Allison has conducted F2F sales training in Istanbul, scoped the market in Dubai for English products for the oil and gas industry, successfully positioned the new German market as #4 in sales for online assessment products for a major publisher, implemented and rolled out global virtual training academies, and was the go-to person for creating sales presentations and marketing collateral for fortune 500 companies and startups in Berlin, Germany. When LXD crafts sales and product training, we can easily put ourselves in the learners’ shoes and management’s heads for peak performance outcomes.
  • Global Workforce Empowerment: With a solid background in translation, linguistics, and language teaching, LXD’s ability to localize training content is invaluable. We ensure that eLearning modules are culturally relevant and accessible, breaking down language barriers and fostering a cohesive learning environment for a global workforce. Our largest localization project thus far included 43 languages.
  • Safety and Compliance: LXD places a strong emphasis on safety training and OSHA compliance. We meticulously design training to help organizations keep people safe and stay up to date with the latest compliance requirements, from office ergonomics, PPE, and fire protocols to lockout/tagout, forklift training, HazMat, and much more …

With LXD, you can expect:

  • Learning experiences that are enjoyable, timely, and impactful
  • Reduced training costs due to efficient online delivery
  • Fewer accidents and injuries in the workplace
  • Increased global workforce reach
  • Transparency and collaboration throughout the development process lifecycle to ensure targets and deadlines are met

… And all within your budget.

LXD brings the energy, expertise, dedication, and a smile that turns strategies and training into success. Contact us today to explore new training solutions for your people!


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