Mindflash is an easy to use online training platform with customers such as Apple and UBER. Easily create courses, add quizzes, manage trainees, and track results. Try Mindflash FREE today!

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Palo Alto, CA 94306
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At Mindflash, we’ve built our product and company on the same set of guiding principles:

Easy And Simple
Ease-of-use is the foundation of a great user experience. That means every feature must be intuitive, absolutely necessary, and streamlined for simplicity. As a company, it should be easy to do business with us: straightforward communication; frictionless processes; and transparent business practices.

Listening To Learn
Our product improves exponentially when we spend time with our users and listen to what they have to say. We keep channels of communication open to our users: usability labs, our feedback forum, keeping an eye on Twitter. And as we develop the product, we maintain a humble approach, holding our own ideas loosely and constantly iterating.

Lean And Fast
Both our product and development processes allow us to be nimble, responsive, and flexible. An Agile development team, a simple product architecture, and a mindset of ‘constant improvement’ means that when we see something to add, streamline, or fix, we can get it done quickly.

We’re committed to building great products that help businesses succeed. That means reliable, scalable, and bug-free tools that you can count on.