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NextThought, LLC is an online learning solutions company. As an end-to-end solutions provider, NextThought offers a learning management system, instructional design services, content development, and complete video production services, including interactive video and animations. NextThought retains its own in-house video production studio, NextThought Studios, to create high-quality visuals that enhance the learning experience. Additionally, NextThought provides custom software development, mobile app development, website support and more.

Exceptional user experience is a high priority in the learning management system and has driven the system’s user interface design. NextThought’s cloud-based LMS is mobile responsive and will work on demand and across devices. NextThought is in the middle of a campaign to invest upwards of $3 million per year into new feature development in it LMS, which will be immediately available to all clients through regular software releases.

NextThought’s instructional design team works to create a holistic, engaging, learner-driven experiences for clients. NextThought’s design method is called Learning Environment Modeling (LEM), which utilizes a graphical system to assess and design online courses. LEM is a shared visual modeling tool that simplifies collaboration between instructional designers and partners to innovate learning environments. NextThought blends decades of professional development and curriculum design experience to identify specific learning needs and assemble a complete learning solution for your online educational program.


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