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Founded in 2007, Recruitment Juice is the world’s leading, online training solution. We combine 3 core elements to provide the ultimate training solution, which will maximise your team’s motivation, performance and development. Our innovative video courses are the most comprehensive and up to date programmes in the world. These courses are integrated into the worlds most advanced learning technology the recruitment industry has ever seen. And our team of Juice learning experts will partner with you to provide a customized solution for your learning needs.

Everything we do at Juice aims to:
• Increase activity & revenue.
• Improve quality ratios & efficiency.
• Improve customer service levels.
• Promote a learning culture.
• Empower recruiters to own their learning journey.
• Improve motivation & staff retention.

We do this by:
• Ensuring learner engagement.
• Offering relevant & credible courses.
• Making the learning experience enjoyable.
• Partnering with our customers.
• Enabling access anytime, anywhere.


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