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Lynn Norris is a Voice Arts Award® winning narrator with a life-long love for learning. Lynn provides deliveries from the professorial to the casual and even animated or operatic for your eLearning, Explainer or other instructional projects.

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My family is full of educators. A good number of my friends are too.  You could say I've spent my life around instruction. Before VO, I worked in financial software development and have a great deal of experience explaining tech to business and business to tech.  I am passionate about finding the perfect emotional connection with learners to maximize their engagement and subject retention.

I'm fairly fluent in “tech speak” and enjoy jumping in the ring with technical, medical and other complex material, and then embodying the subject matter expert's "voice" in a way that is still authentic and believable.  I'm also an opera singer and audiobook narrator and have been acting my entire life. This gives me a locker full of characters for your more playful and lively instruction for kids or gamification for adults.

I firmly believe in solid communication and quick turnaround and have a studio full of top-shelf tech to deliver quality audio. I will work with you to deliver on-time and on-budget, no-hassle narration.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: US +01-917-532-7237

Simply put, I love learning.  I am a perpetual student myself and regularly purchase and attend virtual trainings, so I have a good idea of what works to keep learners immersed in the material (and what doesn't).  Reach out to me today and let’s engage with yours!


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