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What is 360Learning?

360Learning is the learning platform powered by collaborative learning. Our platform helps companies upskill from within and accelerate internal mobility across the entire employee experience, starting with onboarding. Through personalized programs, automated processes, and collaborative features, you can turn new hires into high performers in no time.

All the onboarding capabilities you need, none of the complexity
From HCM integrations and automated enrollment to mobile learning, video recording, and role-specific paths—just to name a few—360Learning possesses all the onboarding capabilities you need while remaining easy to use for admins and employees.

About 360Learning
360Learning powers the future of work at 1,700 organizations. Founded in 2013, 360Learning has raised $240 million with 400+ team members across the US and EMEA.

Overview of 360Learning benefits

Automate and decentralize onboarding processes
Tired of onboarding busywork and chasing down hiring managers? Stop reinventing the wheel with every cohort of new joiners. Future-proof your onboarding—and your business—with automated and decentralized processes.

Reduce ramp-up time with custom onboarding programs
Most new joiners can’t just ‘figure it out’. Woo your new employees with personalized onboarding experiences that will help them connect the dots faster and reduce their ramp-up time.

Bring your culture to life with opportunities for connection
Worried about retention? Onboarding is more than getting new joiners to read through some documents. Bring your culture to life by creating opportunities for new joiners to connect with the right people in meaningful and collaborative ways.

Create relevant onboarding training through SME collaboration
Collaborate with internal experts and business managers to align on cohort-specific onboarding experiences—all within the project workspace.

Meet onboarders where they are with just-in-time learning
Create opportunities for new joiners to learn from SMEs at the point of need throughout their onboarding. Inspire self-guided learning with a just-in-time course catalog, even from a mobile device.

Monitor onboarding progress in manager dashboards
New hire success starts on Day 1. Managers can view progress and completion data by cohort, learner, or course. Send reminders directly in the dashboard or from automated weekly email performance reports.



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