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What is Applauz Recognition?

Applauz is an employee recognition and engagement software as a service for companies with up to 1000 employees. Applauz uses a scientific approach to recognition allowing companies to define, measure and scale their corporate culture.

With Applauz, companies can:
• Create and manage a personalized program;
• Promote their mission, vision and values;
• Assign personal goals around corporate objectives;
• Gather unbias 360 employee feedback;
• Reward behaviors tied to values or performance;
• Measure employee net promoter score (eNPS);
• Capture employee pulse;
• Define and strengthen the corporate culture;
• Increase employee productivity;
• Retain and attract talented employees

Applauz offers affordable employee engagement software that provides your organization, big or small, with all of the necessary tools to empower your HR objectives. Easily track, manage, and grow your employee engagement efforts and build a meaningful culture of appreciation. Empower your company culture with peer-to-peer recognition, company values badges, employee pulse surveys, and incentivized goals and rewards.

Overview of Applauz Recognition benefits

Build a People-First Work Culture
Recognition and appreciation are the foundation of healthy work environments.


Company Newsfeed
Keep your staff engaged on the Applauz Newsfeed—a dedicated space for employees to stay connected. Employees can give recognition, award Badges and give Points. Or simply make an announcement or comment on company events and cultural happenings.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Peer-to-Peer recognition allows everyone in your organization to publicly (or privately) exchange words of appreciation. Managers can offer praise to employees. And coworkers can give each other words of appreciation. With Peer-to-Peer recognition, everyone experiences the power of gratitude at work. 

Company Polls
Create custom company Polls or let employees create their own and ask the questions. Get instant feedback on anything from what everyone wants to eat for lunch on Friday to what colour to paint the office walls.

Employee Event Reminders
Never miss an employee's upcoming birthday or service anniversary. Set Applauz to automatically send you notification emails of any important employee occasions and choose to celebrate it with the entire team.

Badges make recognition more personal and dynamic. Anyone can attach a pre-set Badge to a recognition message. Managers and peers can let each other know exactly how they make a difference. You can even create custom Badges to better reflect your company's values. 


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