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What is Ascentis?

Ascentis is a fully-featured human capital management software with integrated modules that provide the utmost flexibility. The program is geared towards middle-sized businesses to assist them in saving time and money by automating and streamlining the most important parts of their operations.

With Ascentis, companies can choose to work with one or two modules or go full throttle with the entire software suite. No matter which choice they make, they gain access to features that enable them to provide solutions to their HR departments for highly-organized processes.

Also, Ascentis ensures that organizations operate within the bounds of the rules and regulations set by the ACA. This gives them peace of mind that they are offering benefits to their employees according to the standards of the institution.

Overview of Ascentis benefits

Wizard-Driven HRIS

One of the modules of Ascentis is its HRIS. This particular module of the software is wizard-driven, which means many aspects of it are partially or fully automated and users are guided through every step. This allows businesses to bolster their employee engagement, capture and track relevant data, analyze insights and trends, and more while manual handling of operations is eliminated thereby decreasing the instances of human errors.

Carrier Communication

Ascentis also saves companies the trouble of manually relaying information to their insurance carriers. The software’s Carrier Connect ensures that data are automatically and securely transferred to eliminate paperwork and to reduce dual entry and other errors.

Enhanced Employee Performance

With Ascentis, businesses can decrease the rate of turn-overs by training employees. This way, not only do employees gain more skills and capabilities, they can also apply those to their positions and settings.

Furthermore, the Talent Management System module also enables managers to identify their top performers and use them as an example to assist other team members to. This helps them build bridges where there are gaps by enabling under-performers to do better.


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