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What is CanopyLAB?

The Canopy - A social learning platform powered by AI:

A research-based social elearning platform (LMS) for developing competencies through individualized and adaptive learning experiences. It is designed with an integrated social network structure to enhance collaborative learning and built on strong Nordic learning principles.

Based on three simple principles:

1) Building stronger learning networks
Research shows that social interaction engages and motivates people in the learning process. It also increases retention and improves the learning outcome. We simply learn more, better and more efficiently when we are able to communicate, collaborate and interact with others.

2) Developing future-proof skills:
Set your learners up for success by developing skills for the future. Built on a strong Nordic approach to learning our platform makes it possible for learners to gain relevant knowledge and develop future-proof skills like creative thinking, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, communication and much more.

3) Cultivating individual growth:
Learners are individuals and learn at an individual pace. With our adaptive learning platform, it is possible for learners to engage with the content at their individual pace, level, interests and learning preferences.


Overview of CanopyLAB benefits

A Social Learning Experience.
On our learning platform, every learner has a personal profile and a newsfeed. You can follow others and they can follow you. Why? Because you are a part of a learning community! We have built the learning platform on top of a social network structure with a design similar to the major social network platforms you already love. It’s intuitive, beautifully designed and easy to use.

Personal profile
Showcase who you are, your accomplishments, the courses you have taken and your knowledge and competencies through your personal profile. The personal profile is a mini CV.

Newsfeed and wall
Did you know that publicly sharing your progress can actually help motivate you to accomplish your goals?
Follow, like, comment, and share functions
To encourage reflection and dialogue you can post, comment and discuss in the news feed. Did you just finish an amazing course, or read something enlightening last night? Let your peers know.

Direct messaging & Email
Send direct messages to one or many of those you follow. Administrators, teachers, and HR can send messages directly to your email inbox, such as important reminders.

Learning Spaces
It’s not a traditional course or class, it’s a learning experience with all what you need right in front of you. We call it Spaces and it gives you a simple overview of the content, exercises and materials library - all organized in logical chapters so you can keep track on where you are and how far you have come.


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