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What is Charlie HR?

A cloud-based HR software that makes all HR processes easy. Onboard new hires, store company documents, book and manage time off, run productive reviews and get professional HR advice. An easy, holistic system for managing your People needs.

We are a cloud based HR software which takes away the administrative headache of HR processes. Use our time off system to monitor when your team will be away, easily onboard new hires, safely store employee data, review how your team is performing and gather anonymous feedback through polls. Link your time off and sickness bookings to our Charlie calendar and integrations with existing solutions. Charlie also offers HR advice for small businesses through an easy monthly subscription

Overview of Charlie HR benefits

Make your onboarding effortless
Charlie collects new starter details for you, so you can oversee onboarding progress without ever needing to chase.

Self-serve process: let new hires complete onboarding admin

A consistent experience: rolled out in seconds

Legally compliant: for your peace of mind.

Give new starters a warm welcome.

Impress new hires with a bespoke onboarding experience that lets your culture shine through, right from day one.

Help new starters hit the ground running
With Charlie, you can give new hires the best possible start in their new role.

Company handbook: bring your culture into their day-to-day

Onboarding checklists: get them the right support from the right people

People directory: names and faces at a glance


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