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What is CLARITY?

CLARITY is a cloud/AI-based Tool/Engine for cost-effective Adaptive Instruction and Learning at scale. At design, the Tool excludes common uncertainty, guesswork, and manual planning of a learning “Pathway” for each particular learner. At learning, the Engine automatically generates the most effective “Off-Road” learning on the fly driven by the following unique features:

  1. Breakthrough in Instructional Design based on a Frame/Network for systems representation&integration of Organizational, Professional, and Learning Activities;
  2. Visual Authoring Tool for Rapid Design/Curation/Verification of Courseware (Learning Experience) targeted on predefined Needs by filling in the blanks of and extending the Frame/Network. It supports common ADDIE, SAM, and many other models;
  3. Visual Dynamic representation of Learner’s Proficiency through targeted Courseware (It makes the Learning process Visible and Engaging as an Achievement Game);
  4. Boosting Efficiency of Instruction/Tutoring/Learning with Automatic Real-Time Planning, Running, Assessment, and Replanning of Dynamically Adaptive, Personalized, Competence-Based Learning Process (by using designed Courseware and constantly updated Learner’s Profile);
  5. Catapulting Learning Success with the intelligent interplay of Adaptive Presentation, Adaptive Assessment, Adaptive Root-Cause Diagnosing that generates those exciting Aha moments (or precision Remediation of learning problems from their Roots with alternative versions of content);
  6. Complementing Instruction/Tutoring with Learning Self-Control (to ensure high Engagement, Success Rate, and Efficacy);
  7. Automated Improvement of the Courseware based on learning Histories, Machine Learning, and Big Data analytics;
  8. Large-scale adoption of the Platform made easy by seamless integration with customers’ LMSs via standard IMS LTI spec.

Overview of CLARITY benefits

1. Precision Targeting of Instruction/Learning to

  • Organizational Goals and Metrics
  • Professional Competencies of desired Job/Role
  • Root-Causes of Learning, Professional, Organizational Problems

2. Clear & Visualized Authoring (of Learning Experiences/Courseware) is due to

  • Excluding traditional uncertainty of design by providing a proven Framework to fill in
  • Providing a simple strategy of errorless design for novices and short-cuts for expert designers
  • Excluding error-prone manual scripting and programming
  • Simplifying and accelerating quality design. Reducing designers' qualification requirements
  • Possibility to use off-the-shelf tools for interactive multimedia design

3. Quality & Integrity of Courseware/Learning Experience is due to

  • cross-consistency of all Courseware elements is ensured by the Theoretical Systems framework,
  • Cross-sufficiency of all items for achieving all the objectives is ensured by an automatic verification procedure
  • Automatic Verification of quality and possibility to Test-Drive designed courseware on early-stage before heavy investment in interactive multimedia development
  • Coverage of learners’ diversity with a multiple content representation

4. Quality & Efficiency of a generated Instructional/Learning Process is due to

  • Guaranteed converging of learning results to objectives, each learner succeeds
  • Guaranteed root-cause diagnosing of problems and their precise deep remediation
  • Adaptative personalized sequencing of all learning and testing interventions
  • Adaptative personalized test spacing
  • Visualization and Gamification of Learning.
  • Supporting self-Learning activities, learning on your own.

5. Providing Precisely Targeted and Reliably Effective Learning at scale.


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