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What is Connecteam - Employee Onboarding?

Connecteam was designed and built as a true all-in-one solution.

Connecteam offers a powerful, mobile-first platform that helps improve communication, enhance daily processes and save time. Connecteam is trusted by over 40,000 companies and is used by more than 100,000 employees worldwide.

Our mission is to help businesses thrive by taking away the daily hustle and complexities of managing teams so they can have the peace of mind to grow and run their business.

We focus on everything employees and managers need to better manage their day to day, in one easy to use platform: multiple tools to enhance employee communication and engagement, employee training and onboarding, employees scheduling, time tracking, timesheets management, digital checklists and forms, task management, HR and welfare, knowledge centers, files storage, and much more! Ensure a secure and easy login for system admins with Active Directory Single Sign-On (SSO).

And the best part? Connecteam works like lego. Every business can activate the features it needs and highly customize them for the best fit.

Overview of Connecteam - Employee Onboarding benefits

Connecteam lets you build a native employee app so your all your employees, specifically those who are always on the go, can connect, communicate, and collaborate with ease and speed. Creating a native app from the ground up is quick and simple and can be done within 15 minutes. Once your app is ready to go, you can instantly engage your deskless teams anytime and anywhere via their mobile devices. With your deskless teams totally engaged and connect, their overall efficiency is positively impacted.

Because Connecteam centralizes all your business operations as well as your training, you save a significant amount of money as your native employee apps reduce operations expenses. You can put skill development and training materials on the app and have your employees access them whenever they can.

You can turn your native app into your central hub where you can manage not just your deskless teams and employees but your entire business operations. You have access to analytics and real-time insights, giving you a clear picture of your enterprise and allowing you to make critical business decisions, improve areas that require your attention, and more.

Native apps created with Connecteam can be configured to suit your business needs and requirements. You are in total control of your app and you can customize it in a way that boosts your efficiency, collaboration, communication, and more.


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