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What is Didacte?

Didacte is tailormade for SMBs looking to train their members while tracking their progression curves.

Scaling a business has never been easier.

No need to be tech-savvy, you are fully autonomous to create, host and manage your training content and make sure every user is continuously growing.

Didacte focuses on quality and ease-of-use rather than feature volume. While we do less than some, what we do we do better.

Most SMBs want and need to keep things simple and effective, this is where Didacte comes in handy.

Create courses and learning paths, using prerecorded content, virtual classroom or even IRL training.

Didacte is more than an LMS, it's your strategic partner.

Our team can help you establish an action plan based on your corporate training program goals. We will help you clarify your vision and better understand how our enterprise LMS solution may bring your business learning strategy to life.

We also offer personalized support to accelerate your LMS implementation. This offer is free for Didacte Enterprise customers and will give you a head start when it comes to publishing your first online course!

Overview of Didacte benefits

More training, fewer expenses

You can save money on room rental, external trainer fees, and salaries of employees giving and receiving training by using Didacte's LMS solution. Additionally, our platform can help increase the lifespan of each course you create!

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Our learning management system is hosted on the web, and your employees can access it at any time! This allows for a more flexible and interactive learning experience for your staff.

No more complicated spreadsheets

You can reduce the risk of losing information with our enterprise LMS dashboards and reports! All of your employees' progress data, recently graded tests, completed courses and awarded credits are all stored in your LMS. This makes it easy for you to keep track of everyone's progress and performance.

Invest in business growth

Your learning management system can support the development of your organizational culture. This, in turn, can help you enhance your staff retention, employer brand positioning and talent recruitment efforts. Use employee training to make these improvements today!


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