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What is dominKnow | ONE?

dominKnow | ONE is a powerful LCMS suite that empowers your enterprise to build, manage, and deliver impactful learning content – at scale.

Craft engaging learning materials using the most robust authoring capabilities on the market. Responsive design ensures your content looks great on any device, while built-in accessibility compliance guarantees inclusivity for all learners.

Seamlessly integrate and re-use your content to create engaging formal courses, informal materials, job aids, software training, and more – all from a single, user-friendly interface.

Orchestrate authoring of complex learning projects efficiently. Manage multiple initiatives with diverse content types simultaneously. Real-time collaboration features keep everyone on the same page, while seamless sharing and asset reuse maximize efficiency across projects.

dominKnow | ONE doesn't just help you create new content; it empowers you to get the most out of your existing library. Organize and reuse your content libraries to save time and resources.

Effortlessly import and revitalize legacy materials with mass-conversion tools. Need to translate content for a global audience? dominKnow | ONE streamlines the process, ensuring faster delivery without sacrificing quality.

Our customers love us for

  • LCMS: Massive efficiencies in asset & content management
  • Customizability: Power users’ playground
  • Ease of Use: accessible for beginners and advanced users
  • Versatility: flexibility for various use cases beyond training
  • Effective, truly responsive design
  • Collaboration features that enable efficient teamwork and creativity
  • Software Simulation: to seamlessly create software training scenarios 

Overview of dominKnow | ONE benefits

Robust Authoring Capabilities
High degree of customizations, plentiful and diverse templates, single interface for fixed-pixel AND responsive content authoring, flexible software simulation.

Streamlined Content Management
Create, publish, and update content seamlessly across multiple platforms, ensuring consistency and saving countless hours that would otherwise be spent on duplicative efforts.

One Piece – Multiple Outputs
One-click create (and update!) multiple types of formal/informal outputs from a single content source – from courses to knowledge bases, and anything in-between!

Collaborative Workflow
Ditch email chaos with seamless real-time co-authoring and peer review functionality. Complete your projects faster and enhance the quality of the final output.

Master Project Management
Gain a clear view of all your content creation activity. Track progress, monitor team performance, and stay on track with dominKnow|ONE's centralized dashboard.

Accessibility for All
Create learning experiences that comply with all accessibility standards, making your content accessible to all learners.

Truly Responsive Design
Design once and deploy everywhere with content that automatically adjusts to any device, improving user experience and engagement.

Branch Out with Complex Learning
Develop intricate branching scenarios and personalized learning paths with ease.

Make Sense of Content, en Masse
Keep even the largest training libraries organized and easily accessible to your entire team.

Mass Convert Legacy Content
Make the most of your existing courseware by effortlessly converting and organizing it for easy editing, reuse or repurpose.

Translation and Localization
Simplify management and tracking of content translation processes. Translate faster, while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of your learning materials.



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