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What is Eduflow?

Eduflow is a tool to build and run any kind of learning experience online. Combine a wide range of learning activities together in a learning flow, including videos, submissions and peer reviews. Eduflow can be used for teaching online courses, for onboarding, for sales training - any learning experience you can imagine.

Compared to other solutions in the market, Eduflow is focused on making online learning engaging, collaborative and active. The best way to learn is not to just sit passively and consume videos and take quizzes. To really learn, students need to interact with their peers, solve real problems and become producers of their own content.

Overview of Eduflow benefits

  • Choose from a wide range of learning activities.
  • Run active learning experiences where learners collaborate.
  • Make learners into content producers.
  • Manage and distribute online courses fast and effectively.
  • Support for activities such as rich text content, video, submissions, instructor reviews, self reviews, peer reviews, discussion forums etc.
  • Make beautiful public landing pages for your courses that you can share on social media.
  • Make learning completely personal by setting individual settings for every leaner.
  • Get detailed reports on where each learner is in your course experience.
  • Integrations using the common industry standards such as SAML, SCORM and LTI.
  • Build custom and scaffolded learning experiences by combining different learning activities in learning flows.
  • Record video directly in the product.

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