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What is Edukool LMS?

The EduKool LMS allows you to implement learning environments rapidly. Through it, you can maintain a robust course library including videos, text, images, and animations. You can manage, track, and achieve your learning goals through a powerful software solution. Whether you are looking for a corporate learning solution or a school/college learning solution, you will find a perfect platform for your learning needs. Quick and easy to set up.

The EduKool LMS is a complete set of learning tools that brings full-fledged e-learning to your classes. With our customized tablets the need to carry heavy bags or shuffle through books and notebooks is eliminated. Everything is available on tablets. From library books to course content to assignments distributed by their teachers, students can access their entire curriculum through their tablets. Complete cloud-based data storage. Students can be exclusively provided access to grade-based courseware.



Overview of Edukool LMS benefits

Digital Courseware:

The EduKool LMS allows you to deploy multi-format digital courseware that easily scales according to the screen size of individual devices accessing the course material. Wikipedia-like cross-referencing. Modules from different subjects can be linked according to relevance and context. Live streaming as well as off-line ability according to your policies.

Deeper Personalization:

Our LMS automatically adapts itself according to the learning speed of the learner. It analyses the previous track record of the learner and raises or lowers the difficulty levels of the course material accordingly. This gives an individualized environment to the learner and maximizes the learning experience.

Digital Whiteboard:

EduKool LMS features allow you to display your instructions on a digital whiteboard. This digital whiteboard can be used as a stand-alone interaction medium or you can use it while broadcasting your classes on the web. It facilitates display of your course material on a bigger screen. It also allows you to draw and write using a digital pen.

Automatic Attendance: 

Being one of the best learning management systems in its arenas, the EduKool LMS comes with automatic attendance tracking functionality. The student attendance records are stored in a centralized database in real-time and they can be accessed within a few clicks.






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